21 little home bar ideas

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Whether or not you miss the crowded bars, it’s safe to say that being able to make yourself a drink at home, whether it’s an alcoholic beverage or not, has become increasingly important. You don’t need to have a full-fledged bar setup – custom counters, stools, works – to have a stylish and functional home bar. This is great news for those of us who just don’t have room for all that jazz … we just won’t let a little plan space get in the way of our style and break the party! Coming up, check out the creative small space solutions from some of our favorite designers to have the home (mini) bar of your happy hour dreams, regardless of your square footage restrictions.

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Just a tray

Pretty bottles don’t need to be put away! Keep your collection out in the open on a shelf in your dining room or living room atop a dresser or cabinet. Another pro tip? Maximize the perceived size of your space with a mirror above the sideboard, as a designer Ellen kavanaugh made in this whimsical Florida home.


Book shelves

Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design chose a surprisingly striking color combination: cool blues and grays and rich chocolate browns. Gurnay’s wallpaper brings the entryway to life and also makes it feel like a sophisticated study, thanks to the minibar transformed into a library-inspired book cabinet.


Mini wine storage corners

To hide the sloping ceiling of the stairwell below, the designer Beth diana smith fashioned a wine rack that fits a sufficient amount of tiny square feet.


Converted coin

For this Palm Beach lounge, design Jean Fondas transformed a shallow closet into a secluded bar area by removing doors and building cabinets. Schumacher’s Tortoise wallpaper gives it a Caribbean look.


Behind the Dutch Doors

A Dutch door in this living room designed by Jessie Carrier and Mara Miller conceals a small but fully functional wet bar. The farmhouse veneer allows it to blend in perfectly, and styling aside, the halved door allows for easy access.


Slim screen

Houses of the main street used a narrow, ceiling-height brass shelf from luxury bespoke manufacturer Amuneal to connect this kitchen and bar, keeping them visually joined but functionally separate.


Office Secretary

Not all of us are able to devote an entire closet to alcohol storage, or sometimes not even a long media cabinet or cabinet. So reduce things with a smaller secretary. It’s easy to put everything away when not in use or when you need to open a walkway in a hallway or tight corner. We dig the surprising yellow shine inside of it in a living room by Philippe gorrivan.


Adjacent dining buffet

The open loft space required an exposed home bar instead of an entirely separate room, so design Jae Joo added a bespoke corner unit to function as both a mixing station and a dinner buffet.


Skirted Pantry Shelves

Conceived by Gary McBournie, this stylish pantry doubles as a home bar. To add instant hidden storage space, surround your shelves with a fabric skirt.


Sliding drawer

Even a well-organized drawer can become a home bar. To keep all of your bottles, cans, and other pantry items from spilling into their respective drawers, buy drawer organizers that help keep them all in place. Heidi Piron Design and cabinetmaking Installed flexible dividers here to keep liquor bottles from rattling together, but dividers will come in really handy for whatever is in your pantry drawers.


Reused bedside table

Fitz pullins used a small cabinet to support bar items and hold glasses in this dining room. It’s a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on a new bar cart and can reuse an existing dresser or nightstand.


Improved wine rack

This freestanding storage piece wins the small space home bar jackpot. It’s slim enough to tuck into a corner without blocking any top-notch usable space, and the minimalist design ensures it doesn’t take up too much visual space, either. Thus, we can focus on the superb lines of this sofa in a living room by Etc.


Leaded wet bar

The prep sink and refrigerator drawer under the counter of this bar. by designer Vani Sayeed allow consistent service and quick cleaning. Pull-out trays also allow for additional counter space in an instant.


Kitchen area

If you plan to make room for a home bar in the kitchen, make sure you put it in a good spot. In this space designed by Emily henderson, the house bar area is close to the dining room, making it easy to go back and forth when you’re entertaining.


Behind the folding doors

Conceived by Shamshiri Studio, this home bar is like a little sweatshop. Sliding doors open to a spacious service bar. This way you can keep it closed and save space when you are not entertaining.


Optimized cabinet

NICOLEHOLLIS transformed a navy blue lacquered cabinet into a surprisingly spacious bar cabinet. When closed, it blends in perfectly with the sophisticated living room. But when the clock strikes five and the doors open, it feels like a full-fledged bar. These additional storage compartments in the interior doors are particularly clever.


Wall unit

This home bar does everything a standalone one-room home bar on its own would do, but it doesn’t take up as much space. From mesh boxes to other compartmentalized recesses and upside down stemware storage, this bar has it all.


Just a bar cart

A rounded rattan bar cart transports us every time. Colorful accents draw attention to the cool curves of this trolley in a living room by Beata heuman. Very Ms. Dalloway meets The Parker Palm Springs.


Hidden multimedia storage

How well does this tilting cabinet meet a bar? Designed by NICOLEHOLLIS, this modern living room is always ready to party. With a room like this, you won’t have to go back and forth in the kitchen to whip up cocktails for your guests, but you can also hide the alcohol when needed.


Colorful Wardrobe

Tuck your tiny bar behind a closet door and line the back with popping wallpaper or mirrored tiles and colorful cabinets (designed Jean Liu opted for a deep teal). And remember: No space, no matter how small, is too small for a wine refrigerator.


Double duty of storage

This bar unit is actually just one well-stocked tray. If you take a closer look, this owner is actually using the bottom cabinet for storing shoes! If your space is small and you only have one media unit to run things, here’s proof that it’s doable.

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