25 Luxurious Velvet Sofas You’ll Want In Your Living Room

Despite the myth of velvet furniture that leads us to believe that it is delicate and only meant for luxurious spaces, velvet is actually a beautiful, rich and durable fabric for any piece of furniture. From classic to contemporary, sofas are no exception. The perfect velvet sofa or loveseat can instantly transform a room from dull to fabulous, providing endless drama. According to Living Cozy, a velvet sofa elevates any room to the next level, even when it comes to more affordable versions.

Whether you’re looking to add a vintage or antique feel to your room or are looking for the modern and sleek, velvet is a perfect way to add dimension and depth of texture with just one piece. Bold shades, neutrals and pastels all work in velvet, as do a variety of color combinations. Velvet seating is also a great option, even in small spaces like guest rooms and offices. An infinitely versatile fabric, it can fit easily into a number of decorating schemes depending on the shape and size of the room. Velvet is also relatively easy to clean compared to other fabrics.

1. Large and luxurious

Velvet sofas can easily become the centerpiece of any room, dominating in texture and scale. This luxuriously large and plush corner unit makes a big impact. It provides seating and durability in a neutral brown hue, an especially great color if you have kids or pets and are hoping to hide stains.

2. Light and airy

Velvet pieces don’t always have to be heavy and big, as this wood-frame loveseat with simple lines and velvet cushions attests. The light and airy frame of the contemporary sofa makes it a great match with other clean-lined wooden pieces, a jute rug, and ample greenery.

3. Antique curves

Old sofas, real or reproductions, are most often found in sumptuous velvets. Here, a rich olive green combines with carved wood accents and a Victorian sense of curvature.

4. Modern lines

Alternatively, velvet is also a great fabric for modern, clean rooms in contemporary designs. Here, a beautiful sapphire blue sofa looks sophisticated when paired with modern lighting, a glass coffee table and abstract art.

5. Monochromatic

Because its texture will stand out, velvet is a great fabric to use in monochromatic color combinations. This elegant forest green sofa is paired with similar shades of green and gold accents for a rich, multi-dimensional sense of sophistication.

6. Bold shades

Bold shades of velvet add a big hit of pigment. This deep royal purple velvet sofa is paired with a bright magenta coffee table to create a vivid splash of saturated color and texture in an otherwise colorless room.

7. Neutrals

Neutral velvet sofas are a lovely way to add texture to predominantly neutral rooms, available in all sorts of versatile shades of brown, beige, cream and grey. You can pair them with other neutrals to add visual interest to a room, or layer them with different shades of the same color for a more understated and sophisticated look.

8. Pastels

There’s no denying that velvet looks gorgeous in pastels. Pastel hues offer a lighter, brighter alternative to deeper jewel tones and neutrals. Here, a soft pink sofa is paired with other shades of pink on chairs, lamps and drapes.

9. Shades of Sunset

Rich sunset tones are a perfect nature-inspired alternative to neutrals and come in a wide range of browns, oranges, burnt siennas and coppers. These colors are excellent for warming up a dark or dimly lit space.

10. Jewel Tones

Velvet often excels in its variety of rich jewel tones, including this elegant garnet shade. It would look especially nice when paired with other lush shades of similar depth like teal and midnight blue.

11. Metallics

With their air of luxury, metallic velvets are an easy way to glamorize any space. For example, this shimmering gold will give your guests the impression that they have just entered the Palace of Versailles. As an alternative, silver velvet has a similar luxurious feel, especially when used in more modern spaces.

12. Solutions for small spaces

If you like the look of gorgeous velor seating but don’t quite have the space for a full sofa or loveseat, consider an oversized velor chair, which has the same richness and weight, but with smaller dimensions. This one on wheels is both beautiful and adaptable to any space.

13. Dramatic Passed Out Couch

Another alternative to loveseats and sofas is this emerald contoured swoon sofa. It offers the same feeling of softness and texture without such a wide profile. Sofas or fading chairs make a great addition to bedrooms as alternative seating.

14. Modern Classic

A new take on the classic Chesterfield sofa, this velvet tufted sofa retains the history and comfort of the original with a lighter, more romantic alternative to leather.

15. Daybed

A velvet-covered daybed is a perfect addition to a guest bedroom that doubles as an office, providing both comfort for lounging and space for friends and family to sleep. This beige piece blends effortlessly into the overall design while subtly inviting guests to sit comfortably.

16. Modular Parts

The best modular sofa is the one that adapts most easily to our needs. These low pink velvet sofas are placed on wheels, so they can be separated into two chairs or rolled together to form a sofa or a daybed.

17. Comfortable Fit

Velvet is the best fabric for extra plush and soft environments. It’s such a great fabric for a sectional; once you’re comfortable, you’ll never want to get out of it.

18. Loveseats

An alternative to giant sectional sofas, loveseats like this sleek and modern dark beige piece are perfect for small spaces where little seating is needed. It’s on the sparse side, but it still says welcome.

19. Art Deco Details

The Art Deco movement prides itself on clean lines and rounded, clean accents. This orange sofa exudes sophistication while its curves offer both comfort and elegance. And how about this color?

20. Contemporary Style

While many associate velvet with old world Victorian style, velvet upholstered pieces also come in a variety of sleek modern looks, including this gorgeous royal blue sofa paired with dark gray walls and shiny gold accents.

21. Hollywood Glamor

Anything red velvet instantly screams Hollywood glamour, and this majestic sculpted sofa with gold accents is no exception. Consider decorating your media room with furniture that’s as shiny and cinematic as what’s on the screen.

22. Mid-Century Modern

The clean, straight mid-century modern lines of this dark teal velvet sofa are perfect for a room you want to make modern while still giving a nod to decades past.

23. Cottage Style

Velvet is a key element of the rich layering that often occurs in cottage style or shabby chic decor. Here, a 3-seater chaise longue in pink velvet goes perfectly with floral bedspreads and crushed velvet pillows.

24. Golden Accents

For a more modern take on velvet-upholstered furniture, look for pieces that use gold, silver, or chrome frames or accents. No matter how dramatic and tufted the upholstery, the accents make the whole thing look sleek and contemporary.

25. Rustic Juxtapositions

The refined richness of velvet looks particularly beautiful when paired with more rustic elements to keep it from becoming too romantic or fussy. This cobalt blue sofa and bench are balanced by the roughness of the brick wall they sit against, creating a striking juxtaposition of glamorous and industrial.

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