8 things that make a children’s birthday party great

With the end of the pandemic, gatherings are getting a little more frequent, including children’s birthdays!

Slater’s son Liam turns six this weekend and luckily his grandmother is in town to help with suggestions to make the party the best it can be.


It sounds obvious, but you need a good cake! I prefer an ice cream cake; However, most children will do just fine with a chocolate cake. If you are creating a theme, make sure it is depicted on the cake.

Assorted plates, napkins, cups, bowls and tablecloths. It goes a long way and looks okay.

If you can afford it, a good magician is a home run with kids at a birthday party.

It’s kind of a no-brainer, but remember when Robin Williams blew up House of Pain’s “Jump Around” in “Mrs. Doubtfire”!

No vegetables, please. They need pizza, grinders or burgers and hot dogs.

It can be totally fun and kids can participate by dressing up. I remember we had a “tractor theme” last year for Liam.

Even though they surprise people when they burst, balloons are still a must have for a children’s party.

It is a maybe. Again, I am referring to “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Enjoy!

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