A foodie guide to taste 10 cities through their iconic cuisines

From Copenhagen’s classic Nordic dishes to Lisbon’s famous egg tarts, each city has a cuisine shaped by its history and traditions. environment. Here are 10 cities around the world that will blow your mind with their food culture and iconic cuisines. By Rashima Nagpal

Marrakech, Morocco

Le Trou au Mur is a gourmet restaurant in Marrakech.

The streets of Marrakech are full of stalls and restaurants offering different flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Traditional specialties such as berkoukesh (artisanal pasta with herb and tomato sauce), stroll (grated pancakes with lentils, chicken and saffron) and Tihane (giblets stuffed with spicy kefta, olives and lemons) at James Wix’s restaurant, Le Trou au Mur, are the best of Moroccan home cooking. One of the most desirable spots in the medina, Nomad is a rooftop restaurant and bar with sunset views. Amal Centre, a restaurant that serves traditional Moroccan cuisine, also doubles as a social cooperative that supports and trains underprivileged women. The stalls of Jemaa el-Fnaa are the perfect place for a nighttime feast of skewers, tagines and skewered hearts.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen food

From traditional Nordic cuisine to avant-garde techniques, from hole-in-the-wall restaurants to farm-to-table outlets, Copenhagen is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Try classics such as smørrebrød (open-faced rye bread sandwiches) and homemade schnapps at Aamanns Etablissement, a restaurant recommended by the Michelin Guide. La Glace is reputed to be Denmark’s oldest patisserie and serves sweet dishes including rich hot chocolate. Sample local spirits such as gløgg and mjød among other artisan products at Omegn, an urban farmers’ market. Finish with a reservation (made well in advance) at Noma or its contemporaries like Amass, Alouette, Geranium or Kong Hans Kælder.

Tel Aviv, Israel


A hearty breakfast of Shakshuka and shawarma at Dr Shakshuka at the Jaffa flea market is one of the best ways to start your day in Tel Aviv. The bustling city offers fast food outlets as well as sophisticated dining options. One of the country’s well-known chefs, Chef Ran Shmueli, showcases fresh local produce at his farm-to-table restaurant Claro. Dok is an intimate spot on Ibn Gvirol that prides itself on local produce, including an impressive wine selection. Veteran chef Haim Cohen’s Yaffo-Tel Aviv is the place to be if you want fine Israeli cuisine, a mix of old and new.

Mexico City, Mexico


The list of must-try dishes in Mexico City is endless, from tacos to tamales to mole pambazos. For a plate of frijos con huevos (eggs and beans), go to Fonda Margarita, a no frills breakfast. Have role of guayaba (guava rolls) at Panaderia Rosetta, a bakery that is also an Instagram favorite.

Restaurant Masala y Maiz.

The restaurants Taquería Samuel and Molino “El Pujol” not to be missed be part of your taco tour. Masala and Maiza comida corrida joint showcasing Mexico’s Indian African heritage is a great place to try the the city’s contemporary culinary scene.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portuguese food

Start your food tour in Portugal’s capital on a sweet note with the famous Pasteis De Nata (egg tarts); those of the Pastéis de Belém or the century-old Pastelaria Versailles are highly recommended. The family-run O Frade offers a taste of the Alentejo region in an intimate setting. Nestled in Belém, Michelin-starred Feitoria offers the best products from Portugal to its customers. Pigmeu is a pork lover’s paradise – every dish contains pork, a ubiquitous Portuguese ingredient. Celebrity chef Vítor Sobral recreates iconic dishes such as bacalhau with arms (salted cod mixed with fried onions and potatoes) at his restaurant Tasca da Esquina in Campo de Ourique. Don’t miss the piri-piri chicken at A Valenciana, a local favorite.

Montreal Canada

Iconic Canadian Cuisines

A visit to the French capital of Canada must start with bagels at St-Viateur Bagel. The poutine made with São Jorge cheese, grilled chicken and chorizo ​​from Ma Poule Mouillée is also very popular. The falafels at Falafel St. Jacques, an all-vegetarian Middle Eastern restaurant, are not to be missed. Chalet Bar-BQ impresses generations with its charcoal-grilled bird and sauce. The 40-year-old Paulo & Suzanne restaurant is a Quebec-style snack bar you should stop by.

Chicago, United States

Iconic Chicago Kitchens

Go beyond the stereotypical deep-dish pizza to sample Chicago’s thriving food scene and iconic cuisines. Superdawg, at the intersection of Devon, Nagle and Milwaukee, is a popular hot dog drive-in. Chef Darnell Reed’s cozy Lincoln Square restaurant, Luella’s Southern Kitchen, dedicated to his great-grandmother Luella, serves some of the best southern dishes in town, including creamed shrimp and grits, chicken gumbo and a powerful platter of fried chicken and waffles. The Honey Butter Fried Chicken is a North Side favorite. The legacy of legendary pizza maker Burt Katz lives on at his Morton Grove restaurant, Burt’s Place, which Anthony Bourdain visited in 2009.

Mumbai, India

Vada cobblestone

Start with street dosas, chaat, fresh juices and dabéli in the 1960s business district of Nariman Point. The Goan sausage at New Martin Hotel in Colaba is a local favourite. The same goes for the humble South Indian cuisine at Cafe Madras in Matunga. Sandwiches from the 40-year-old Sai Ganesh Sandwich Stall outside St Xavier’s College are on the bucket list. For a taste of the city’s Parsi heritage, head to Britannia & Co. Ankur Restaurant in Fort is famous for its sweet, home-cooked food from the coastal town of Mangaluru. The nalli nihari at Noor Mohammedi on Mohammad Ali Road near Chor Bazaar is a fast seller!



Singapore’s eclectic culinary scene and iconic cuisines need no introduction. Of kaya toast from the iconic Tong Ah Eating House to Allauddin’s biryani, Singaporean cuisine is a melting pot of cultures. Choose from over 50 varieties of Nasi Padang (Padang rice) in Rumah Makan Minang. Keng Eng Kee, a tze chariot (food stand) run by third generation owners. He sees long queues for his wok-fried dishes such as coffee pork ribs, raw egg flat noodles and clay pork liver. Candlenut, a chic Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant run by Chef Malcom Lee, is a must visit. Head to Smoke & Mirrors, the rooftop bar at the National Gallery Singapore, for innovative cocktails.

Seoul, South Korea

Iconic cuisines of Seoul

South Korea’s signature cuisines are best enjoyed in its capital, Seoul. Head straight to the heart of the city, Gwangjang Market, to sample authentic dishes such as ttokbokki (a fluffy rice cake dish served in different ways), bindaetteeok (mung bean pancake), Kalguksu (hand-cut noodles), and san nakji (baby octopus). Soondae (pork belly sausage) and potato dumplings at Neungra Bapsang are also popular. A common meal of Korean army stew (budae jjigae), kimchi dumplings, spicy calamari and nut soup at Samcheongdong Jukkumi Kalguksu is a one-of-a-kind experience. In a picturesque setting of Hanok, starred chef Tony Yoo showcases a cuisine focused on vegetables and born in the Buddhist temples of Korea.

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