A gastronomic tour of Europe – in the heart of London

If you have a craving for European cuisine, a trip to London can provide you with all you need. Home to hundreds of world-class restaurants, London’s international offering makes it a premier dining destination.

Under the ‘London Eats’ banner, the Visit London Tourism Board team has put together a tasty itinerary to celebrate the capital’s vibrant and diverse food scene. Starting with Spain and ending in France, find out where to taste great European cuisine in London…



spanish food

Spanish food in London

Do you dream of sipping sangria while overlooking your favorite Spanish beach? You are not alone … Although many of us weren’t able to leave this summer, you can recreate the holiday vibe with the best Spanish food and drink in London. If paella is your thing, why not check out Iberica for the most authentic taste of Spain and its delicious sangria. If you like to share a meal with your loved ones, then Barrafina and Boqueria have the best tapas in London, and R Garcia And Sons on Portobello Road is the place to shop for the best food and wine in Spain. However, if you’re looking for a traditional night out where you get your body moving, head to La Pollera Colora nightclub for the best Latin tunes.



Pastel de nata is a Lisbon classic

Portuguese food in London

This Mediterranean hotspot is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque coves, quaint villages and, above all, deliciously fresh food. While London’s cityscapes aren’t quite the sea-swept coves of the Algarve, there are plenty of restaurants that will give you a taste of Portugal. If you’re craving the famous mouth-watering custard tarts – known as pastéis de nata – then head to the family-run Santa Nata restaurant for your fix. If you’re in the mood for traditional Portuguese dishes, head to O Cantinho de Portugal and A Toca restaurants to sample the best Portuguese cuisine in town. If you’ve been to Portugal before, you know that a Portuguese night out doesn’t end with food. Head to Bar Douro, which has some of London’s best regional Portuguese wines. If you want a variety of Portuguese food and drink, there’s always Little Portugal in Stockwell, which has some of the capital’s “best-kept secrets,” MyLondon reports.



Souvlaki Greek food

Greek food in London

There are few things more romantic than a Greek sunset and this popular destination is known for more than that. Its endless coastline, dreamy islands, picturesque beaches and delicious cuisine attract more than 30 million arrivals to the country each year. If you miss your annual trip to the idyllic shores of Greece, fear not, London’s Greek food scene is on par with your favorite restaurant in Mykonos. If you’re in the mood for a classic tavern, head to Andy’s Taverna, which has charmed Londoners for over 50 years. If you’re looking for unadorned and deliciously fresh Greek cuisine, head to The Real Greek on St Martin’s Lane or Bankside. You also absolutely cannot leave Greece without tasting the buttery, crispy and honeyed pastry that is baklava and Sophocles Bakery makes the best Greek desserts in London.



Italian food

Italian food in London

Italy is known for much more than its beautiful beaches – people from all over the world come to this popular destination to explore its ancient cities and taste some of the best food in the world. If you crave freshly made pasta, then Emilia’s Crafted Pasta and Padella will beg for more. If you fancy Italian cold cuts, fresh vegetables and homemade pizzas, head to Lardo. If you are not sure what you want and really would like to immerse yourself in all the wonders of Italian cuisine, then go to Eataly. No Italian visit is complete without gelato, and luckily London has a wide variety of choices, from La Gelatiera in Covent Garden to Oddono’s in South Kensington.



French cuisine of snails

French cuisine in London

Don’t say goodbye to your hopes of a French escape just yet. London is home to a plethora of delicious French cuisines that would be the pride of its neighbors next door. You want to dress up and live your Emilie in Paris dreams, then head to Le Gavroche or Le Café du Marché for a classy evening. Nostalgic and craving for old-school provincial French cuisine, head to L’Escargot. Need your dose of French pastry, go to Pâtisserie Sainte-Anne to indulge yourself with all the best pastries. And of course, no French meal is complete without cheese and wine, which is why a night at the Compagnie des Vins Supernaturels will make your taste buds scream it’s magnificent!

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