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Adams House’s dining room is temporarily closed due to a fruit fly infestation, Adams House faculty deans said on Friday.

Mercedes Faculty Deans C. Becerra ’91 and Salmaan Keshavjee wrote in an email to Adams House residents that the closure is needed to combat an infestation of fruit flies, which has caused distress among the residents. students who have found little flies in their food since the problem started two weeks ago.

“While we have been able to make progress in resolving the issue over the past few days, more work is needed to address and resolve the root cause of this issue,” they wrote.

“We hope this closure will only last a short time, and we plan to provide a further update early next week,” they added.

While the dining hall remains closed, Becerra and Keshavjee wrote that Adams House residents are allowed to eat all meals, with no time restrictions, at any other undergraduate home. They asked the students to visit different houses to avoid overcrowding in the mess halls near Adams House.

In an email to residents of Adams on Wednesday, Becerra and Keshavjee wrote that House staff and Harvard University food services had been cleaning the dining hall since last week and blamed the flies on the flies. from fruit to fruit shipments not treated with pesticides.

“Unfortunately, we all share an experience that is, at a minimum, unappetizing (aka rude) and boring. A lot has happened behind the scenes to correct this situation after the rush, ”they wrote. “We are also trying to figure out what went wrong so that we can prevent anything like this in the future.”

Becerra and Keshavjee wrote on Friday that they hoped the shutdown would be short-lived.

“The dining room is a very special space for all of us, and it is indeed frustrating to have to have this temporary closure, but that’s what is needed to solve this problem,” they wrote.

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