Ade Adepitan reveals his pride in being a dad matches his sporting ambition – exclusive

Rosalind Powell

When Ade Adepitan and his singer-songwriter wife Linda first moved into their west London home six years ago, they couldn’t enter the garden because it was so overgrown with vegetation and “looked like a BMX track”.

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“I grew up in a two-bedroom council house and we had a little garden,” says the Paralympic basketball player.

“It wasn’t much fun and I’ve always dreamed of green spaces since I was a kid.”

The happy couple raising their glasses in the garden

Showing us their newly-transformed green oasis, Ade describes it as his “favorite room in the house”, which also serves as a wonderful playground for his one-year-old son, Bolla, who can enjoy an outdoor space in the garden. a way Ade, who contracted polio at 15 months, couldn’t.

“It will change with the seasons: we will have flowers in bloom, butterflies and lots of birds, so Bolla will be able to see all that too,” he says.

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His pride in being a father matches his passion for being an athlete, which earned him a bronze medal in the GB wheelchair basketball team at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens.

He has also carved out a successful career as a television presenter, including covering the 2012 Paralympic Games.

“Being chosen to co-host the main Paralympic spectacle at London 2012 was a highlight for me,” he says. “I felt like I was representing all people with disabilities, but I also wanted us to find new audiences who wouldn’t normally get involved in parasport. That year was amazing, the Games kicked things off. thumbs up to the whole country and left a real legacy. . I’m really proud to have been a part of that.”

Change times

“The fact that the Paralympic gold medalist Ellie Simmonds being part of the BBC team for this year’s Commonwealth Games shows just how important 2012 was in raising the profile of Paralympic athletes and disability sports. The public now celebrates a host of elite para-athletes, whom they did not know before.”

They transformed their outdoor space with the help of a landscaper

Alongside his television commitments, Ade’s life revolves around his small family. Between two work projects – he has just filmed a sequel to Our changing planetthe BBC1 natural history program, which sees him return to Kenya to visit an elephant orphanage – the couple spent a summer entertaining in their new outdoor space.

“We have loungers and beanbags, so friends and family can come over for big shindigs to test it all out,” he says. “Ade keeps teasing me because I keep adding chairs and he’s like, ‘How many people do you have around?'” Linda adds.

“She’s turning our garden into a flower restaurant – we’re going to need a license,” jokes Ade.

“We’ll have bouncers next.”

With the help of a landscaper, the garden space was planted, made accessible and transformed into a luxurious living space by online homeware, furniture and décor brand Wayfair, under the expert eye from her resident style advisor Nadia McCowan Hill.

“Our gardens are multifunctional spaces, used for everything from outdoor cooking and hosting play dates to drying laundry,” she explains.

The family enjoys spending quality time together

The space has a dining table with a fire pit in the middle for the communal kitchen, a bar with stools, a pergola, an umbrella, a swing for two, a swing and a patio. a sandpit (hidden in a picnic bench) for Bolla.

The little boy is “confident and sociable”, according to his mum, and with a “really good sense of humor”, says his dad.

“He also imitates, so you have to be careful what you say,” jokes Ade. For more information, visit

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