Andrew Zimmern seen filming in Union NJ for “Family Dinner”

If you like watching cooking shows on TV, you’ve probably heard of André Zimmern. He is a renowned American chef, restaurateur, television and radio personality, director, producer, businessman, food critic and author. And we just saw him filming in New Jersey!

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According to, Zimmern paid Union New Jersey a visit to highlight Taylor Ham egg and cheese sandwiches – which are obviously foods New Jersey is famous for, so he came to the right place!

This is for the third season of her show “Family Dinner” on Magnolia Network, which you can stream on Discovery+. In the series, he visits different families across America to learn about the different cultures and traditions around regional cuisine, and how they shape us into who we become. In the series, he helps them cook and integrates into family discussions, stories, and the history of food. That’s what brought him to Union NJ.

Zimmern visited the Union Fire Department to talk about the delicious breakfast sandwiches, as you can see from his Instagram posts:

In this one, you can see Taylor’s delicious ham, egg and cheese sandwiches!

“Family Dinner” seems like a really good show! Personally, I used to watch his show “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” from time to time.

We’ll see what these Jersey firefighters have to share about their story when Season 3 premieres. Will you be watching?

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