Another vaccine mandate blocked, Montana officials respond

Federal courts have dealt another blow to President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine warrants, this time calling for an end to the mandate targeting federal contractors.

Bloomberg News got the update on Tuesday afternoon:

The Biden administration’s tenure covers about a quarter of the U.S. workforce and affects companies that do business with the federal government, including Lockheed Martin Corp., Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc.’s Google. . and General Motors Co.

As I previously reported here in Montana, railway workers were also harassed by the vaccine warrant, as companies like BNSF Railway said they were also under this order.

The governor of Montana and one of the United States senators from Montana quickly applauded the news Tuesday:

Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT): The courts have blocked another Biden vaccination warrant. We will continue to defend the rights and livelihoods of the Montanais against @Joe bidenthe unprecedented excess of the federal government.

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT):.@Joe bidenThe federal contractors’ vaccination mandate threatened workers across MT, like our wildland firefighters who risked their lives to protect our communities. Glad to see this mandate blocked. We must continue the fight

Even before the federal judge’s ruling blocking Biden’s vaccination warrant on federal contractors, the state of Montana sent a firm letter to BNSF Railway that forcing employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 would be a violation of Montana law.

The Montana Department of Labor letter said Biden’s executive order “only applies to new or renewed contracts, not existing contracts.” Further, he added that “not all recipients of federal dollars are considered a contractor for the purposes of this ordinance … employers should seek legal advice to properly determine whether their contracts are covered by the executive decree in order to avoid any liability under the Montana Vaccine Discrimination Ban. “

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