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Have you ever eaten until you’re full, but it’s so delicious that you keep raising your fork? Your brain and stomach tell you to stop, but your taste buds win out. This happens to me from time to time and usually in the same catering establishment. Smokin ‘J’s Rib and Brewhouse, at 1320 Wolohan Drive, just off I-64 in Cannonsburg – this is the place I’m talking about.

Locally owned and operated by the 3J Group – Jim, John and Jason – it has been a huge success since opening. The owners settled in the area and not only established a thriving business but also embraced this community with their willingness to be actively involved.

On arrival, the problem might be making a selection from their extensive menu, but they are best known for their smoked meats. Their unique process of slow smoking and cooking ribs, chicken, pork and beef are the secrets to their continued success.

Although known for its delicious ribs, my favorite is the beef brisket, smoked for over 14 hours to perfection and presented juicy and tender to your eyes. The sauce is at the table and can be sweet or spicy depending on the white or red cover. Their homemade sides are plentiful and they have all the usual corn as well as fried corn and collard greens. I never pass up their “look and taste like home made” fries, which are the best in the tri-state. I like to smother them with butter (try it every now and then), this is how I eat mine.

Their desserts include popular Aunt Myrna’s hot fudge brownie sundae and delicious bread pudding.

The restaurant is huge and can accommodate large groups, with a wrap-around bar and outdoor dining area, weather permitting.

They also have an ever-popular food truck in the tri-state, as well as a terrific food and take-out menu. Whether you are throwing a poolside party or a wedding reception, Smokin ‘J’s is sure to be a winner!

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