Architecture and Kitchen – SUNSTAR

The contrasts between architecture and gastronomy are surprisingly mixed, and some architects have discovered them quite completely. Dumaguete city architect Menell Carlos, for example, found the joy of setting tables for his family’s personal celebrations. Architects usually design the decorations for meals – dining tables, chairs, dishes, glasses and cutlery – so it was inevitable that she would end up taking care of the food herself.

While the pandemic events were just a lot of fun to help a good cause, it became another opportunity for her to show off her signature style, in this case portrayed in alternative media, which just happens to be palatable.

This Christmas, architect Menell is getting ready to prepare yet another table setting for his family’s Noche Buena, and it seems likely his creative mind will spark another beautiful, edible piece of art. Comparisons between his architectural and culinary works are surprisingly rare, but his taste and style have one thing in common: it’s fashion!

Menell, along with her architect husband, designed the city of Dumaguete’s first gourmet pastry shop around 25 years ago and since then has found inspiration in equating architecture with its table layouts.

“I want to take diners on a journey so they can experience how the boundaries between food and design diminish when every dinner wisdom is planned,” she said.

She added that the emphasis is not just on the food, but moderately on each detail stimulating your senses as a whole; ceramics and furniture to the ambiance.

For architect Menell, an architecture graduate from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, the dining table presents interesting possibilities when examining how it can extend architecture through the way we live, eat, move. and more.

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