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By Jim Winnerman Post-shipment special

After being forced to move multiple times when selling the homes she was renting, Julia Smythe decided it was time to buy. Perusing the internet carefully, she discovered her 1916-era home online on the day it was listed and immediately knew that was exactly what she wanted.

“I bid up, wrote the owner a letter promising to take care of the property and told them my cats would love it,” she recalls. “I wanted home so much and I was so anxious and nervous I had a stomach ache. There were two more offers on the first day, but at 4 p.m. I had it under contract.

Julia Smythe prefers nothing more than bold color palettes to match in her porous turn-of-the-century home south of St. Louis, pictured on Friday August 13, 2021, as a sense of eclectic prevails. Video by Christian Gooden, [email protected]

If there is a homebuyer who has never suffered a buyer’s remorse for a moment, it is Smythe. Two years later, she loves every square inch of the house she was so determined to buy. Included are details that most people wouldn’t notice.

“Look at this,” she exclaims, pointing to a 2 inch thick, 18-window door that is one of four in the house still capable of being locked with the master key she’s got. discovered after moving in. “Who else has stained … glass windows that open like shutters,” she says as she opens one of the two art glass windows framing the living room fireplace. She even appreciates the variety. surfaces of its veranda, one wall is brick and another white limestone, while the floor is finished pine and the ceiling is stained paneling.

“I don’t like matchy-matchy,” Smythe says, explaining why none of his plates, cutlery or glasses are the same, and why his dining chairs don’t match.

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