Boris Becker to stand trial from Monday for concealing assets at bankruptcy hearing

Former Grand Slam champion, Boris Becker has been under investigation for five years but it will all come to a head over the next few weeks with the 54-year-old German set to stand trial from Monday (21MAR) in London.

Becker is accused of failing to hand over trophies from his glittering career to settle debts, a court previously heard in a pre-trial hearing with over 24 counts against him including removing hundreds of thousands of pounds to accounts of his daughter and ex-wife.

This all relates to the former World Number One declaring himself bankrupt in 2017 and has been accused of concealing not only the trophies but multiple properties and approximately £1.7m at the time.

“I’m glad that the process is finally starting and the court will make a judgment. The past five years have been damn long, the hardest of my life,” he said previously on the trial.

He denies seven charges of concealing property, two counts of removing property required by the receiver, five counts of failing to disclose details of his estate and one count of concealing debt.

In addition, he denies a further nine counts of failing to disclose trophies, which were under his custody or control, and which he was required by law to hand over with the trial set to last for three weeks.

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