Bun’s Restaurant in Delaware for Sale

After more than two decades at the helm of Bun’s restaurant on Winter Street in Delaware, Vasili Konstantinidis is ready to hand over the reins to another owner.

Delaware’s iconic 157-year-old restaurant is more than twice as old as Konstantinidis, and he hopes it will stay long after he hands the keys over to the next restaurateur. But at 63, he’s ready to retire in hopes of spending more time with his adult children.

“All good things come to an end,” he said in an interview from Bun’s covered patio. “I have come to the age where I need to enjoy life a little. “

The Delaware institution opened as a bakery in 1864, run by Bavarian immigrant George Frederick Hoffman.

The town used the informal title “Buns” to describe the bakery, but the name was eventually adopted as the establishment’s official nickname.

Konstantinidis bought the restaurant in 1998. He posted Bun’s on bizbuysell.com, a website where restaurants are advertised for sale, earlier this month for an asking price of $ 750,000.

Bun’s has “iconic name recognition and a long-standing customer base,” the ad read.

The restaurant is easy to find, thanks to a neon sign hanging from an archway that hovers above Winter Street with an arrow pointing towards the entrance. A dimly lit dining room is filled with smooth wooden tables and cubicles covered in white napkins wrapped around silverware.

A large patio with an outdoor bar adjoins the building on the east side.

“This restaurant has the best terrace and bar atmosphere in town with two bar areas,” the ad boasts.

Konstantinidis added this patio during his 23 year tenure as owner.

The restaurateur said he made few other changes because his main focus is on satisfying customers and making a profit, but is hopeful the next owner can make some improvements.

A grassy yard adjacent to the patio could be used for live music, Konstantinidis said.

“A brewery could be there because the space is not being used,” he said. “He has so much potential.”

The long-standing establishment does not suffer from a lack of activity, he said.

“You come here on the weekends and it’s packed,” Konstantinidis said. “The support we are receiving from Delaware is tremendous. They love to come to Bun’s ”

The menu is filled with comfort food and dinner staples. Mozzarella sticks, chicken fillets and jalapeño poppers join reubens and BLTs for lunch. Entrees include everything from sirloin steak to barbecued ribs.

Konstantinidis said last week that he has several online shoppers, but cannot say which hands the longtime Delaware restaurant will end up in.

He said he wanted to keep the restaurant in Delaware for another 150 years.

“It’s part of the community, and it’s part of my life,” Konstantinidis said.

He hopes to sell Bun’s by the end of the year.

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