Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: THIS is your favorite cuisine based on your zodiac sign

Astrology is a way to discover the favorite type of cuisine based on the zodiac sign. Here are 3 zodiac signs and their favorite cuisine.

It’s your favorite cuisine based on your zodiac sign

The next time you’re ordering takeout for a date at home with your partner, call on astrology! Astrology says a lot about your personality traits, as well as your food preferences.

You can experience your partner’s favorite cuisine just by knowing their zodiac sign. Here are 3 zodiac signs with their favorite cuisine.


Cancer loves soothing foods. They love the warmth of food and dishes from your soul. Cancer would love a Mexican date takeout because it’s comforting, healthy, and full of flavor.


Scorpios would love exotic cuisine and dishes inspired by modern cuisine and chic restaurants. When dating a Scorpio, be sure to choose a Japanese restaurant. Scorpios love sushi and seafood.


Pisces love home cooking, authentic and traditional dishes. Their favorite cuisine would probably be South India. They love the spices and flavors of South India. Dosa, Idli and sambhar would be a favorite among others.

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