Caya’s new menu showcases the best of Mediterranean cuisine

Going beyond the coastal notes of the Mediterranean and the tranquil aesthetic native to southern Europe, Caya is a chic indoor and outdoor restaurant located in the heart of Nshama town square, overlooking the best sunset sky in town. Led by Corporate Chef Joseph El Hajj, the menu promises an authentic dining experience characterized by culture and exquisite detail in a tropical setting and perfect for those who appreciate a fresh approach to culinary traditions and practices.

The caya’s interior features an exquisite lounge with a minimalist yet aesthetic vibe, with tropical-inspired elements. The expansive seating area takes center stage while guests can immerse themselves in the rich dining experience – an experience that pays homage to Mediterranean cuisine while combining it with elements of Italian cuisine. Rich in flavors, textures and presentation, this modern menu has been designed around local specialties layered with seasonal produce.

Bring your taste buds back to life and get ready for the perfect adventure overlooking the best sunset skies in town. The menu begins with a range of breakfast specials including a caya’s signature dish, breakfast, avocado cruffle and shakshuka-ti offering the perfect mix of sweet and savory delights. Evoking nostalgia and known for transporting guests to the comfort of a neighborhood joint, Caya brings back that distinctive experience with a range of wood-fired pizzas using 48-hour sourdough, including Zaatar Burrata and Akkawi Raspberry. . Soaked in the summer sun, the menu also includes a summer salad simmered in aged balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with feta cheese, watermelon and basil oil for added flavor alongside other sides including beet flower and a classic interpretation of a Caesar salad.

Caya promises sensory explosions of taste with the freshest, impeccably flavored combinations. The real stars are the parmesan taglioni and Greek chicken infusing Mediterranean flavors with a signature caya dip and roasted tomatoes. The restaurant perfects the gourmet affair with sea bass fillet and grilled ribeye, this dish is perfectly glazed with a creamy peppercorn sauce and a generous helping of thick cut potato wedges.

Experimenting with its own approach to the little ones that is rich in flavor and goodness, the restaurant sets the tone by offering a variety of delicacies, including scrambled egg muffin and slow-cooked spaghetti and meatballs in an oozing tomato sauce. the hot spiciness of the lamb. Meatballs. Comprised of the best flavors for a wholesome, wholesome meal, each recipe combines contrasting culinary traditions and classic delights in one dish.

A meal is not complete without a sweet to end the evening. It includes a selection of homemade desserts like Nutella Tiramisu, Mango Cheesecake and more.

Embark on this tasteful affair at Caya – an inventive array of tasteful offerings and scenic spots.

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