Chicago-area restaurant owners rally to support federal bailout money

Restaurant owners in suburban Chicago are rallying to support another federal bailout for their industry.

They say that without more funding, family restaurants will close and chain restaurants will dominate the industry.

They’re asking for $48 billion in grants for restaurants that didn’t receive money from the restaurant revitalization fund last year.

They claim much of that money went to restaurants that already had millions in the bank.

The Chicago Restaurant Coalition met Monday in Westchester at the Alpine Banquet House to make the case.

“Well-established restaurants know how to survive, inflation, recessions, upswings, downturns, but what we’re going through right now is unprecedented. No amount of business acumen can get us through this storm without extra help,” said said Elaine Apastolopoulos of Paul’s Family restaurant in Elgin. .


There are currently bills in the US House and Senate that would provide more funding for restaurants. The last bill was introduced seven months ago and no action has been taken since then.

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