Coco Fennell’s delightfully eclectic London townhouse is full of vintage treasures

Coco fennell is not afraid of a little flair. In fact, she uniquely adopted it and made a name for herself doing it. Coco’s bouncy dress label has attracted a loyal group of followers over the years, appearing on Rihanna, Kylie Minogue and Rita Ora. More recently, retro Americana designs have returned to the limelight after appearing in her sister’s Oscar-winning film. Promising young woman.

So what happens when Coco’s exuberance isn’t limited to a few yards of fabric? See: His townhouse in London. After the previous apartment was filled to the brim with knickknacks and collectibles, the designer decided she needed a little more space. So she moved into a house in Shoreditch with a garden and, most importantly, a storage basement.

Animated figurines and vintage lights illuminate the living room.

Coco’s cozy room.


The charming interior showcases the wide array of treasures collected over the years, from American knickknacks to antique theater props. When it comes to a design philosophy, it’s all the happier for Coco. “I love the stuff,” she said, smiling amid a group of mismatched frames behind her Zoom screen. She calls one in particular, a vintage fairground games love counter turned into a theatrical prop for a play. “It doesn’t really fit here, but I know there will be a place for it someday,” she adds.

By having a better idea of ​​the house, it becomes clear that there is a method to the madness. Among the countless eclectic pieces of furniture emerge a few patterns: red and white stripes are found in the living room sofa, the carpet and the canopy draped over the dining room. A series of miniature hot air balloons suspended along the kitchen is again presented as wallpaper, covering one of the sleeping areas upstairs.

Floral print dining chairs are pieces of Bread of Life, owned by Coco’s former neighbor.

Left, a love machine prop from a play at the Royal Court Theater. The statue of Jesus was a find at the Kempton antique market.


Although her main job is to design for others, when it comes to homes, Coco describes her taste as a little too exuberant for regular clientele. Of course, that’s with the exception of her sister Emerald, who remains her only confidante with comparable appreciation for even the most wacky collectibles. “She tastes very similar to me, so we kind of send each other screenshots of things we look at on eBay,” Coco says. “It would just be one of the craziest things. Like an undertaker’s banner or some sort of magician’s tablecloth.

A vintage Niagara the poster hangs in the corner of the den.

Two pairs of eyes adorn the foot of the stairs.


Whether it’s clothes or interiors, one thing is clear: for Coco, design is above all an opportunity to express oneself. Much like her captivating smile, bold print dress and cobalt blue hair, her London townhouse is undoubtedly fun. “I want to do things that make you feel good, but also bring joy,” says Coco. “I want my house to be a place where people can come and have a chat, have a karaoke dinner, or whatever we like. I want it to be a very welcoming and fun space.

Vintage hot air balloons hanging over the dining room were a Paris flea market find.

A corner in the kitchen.

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