Colorado’s Mainstreet Revitalization Program Supports 131 Projects Statewide

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Colorado’s mainstreet revitalization program began last year in March at the start of the Covid pandemic.

Its original goal was to add an outdoor dining space to downtown Colorado. It would help keep restaurants afloat during the pandemic.

Over a year later, the program has supported 131 different projects of all shapes and sizes. All in the name of revitalizing downtown areas in different cities and economic recovery in Colorado after Covid-19.

The program is a partnership between CDOT and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. It awards grants to “ready-to-go” projects. These are projects that cities have already planned, but which need funding to get started.

The program was responsible for replacing five sections of sidewalk in Lamar, which gave residents easy walking access to local businesses.

An elevated plaza is currently under construction at the intersection of Grand and Union avenues in Pueblo. It will add catering areas for nearby restaurants and allow pedestrians to cross the city center.

In Central City, the program awarded a grant to transform a vacant lot into Belvidere Pocket Park that adjoins the Belvidere Theater.

11 News spoke with a representative from CDOT who said these various downtown areas are vital to Colorado’s overall economy.

“It is a network that works together of these downtown areas that are the strength of Colorado. So when a project takes place in a small community, it still helps the network of downtown communities as a whole in Colorado. Said Presley Fowler.

She added: “It has become clear that this program is useful for the communities. It is a popular program and visitors and residents of these downtown areas have seen the benefits of these projects.

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