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Texans like to find food off the beaten path.

Restaurant patrons across the state are likely to give high marks to a ramshackle country woodshed as well as an indoor dining room covered in a white tablecloth.

Lone Star Bar & Grill on US 290 West appealed to this crowd. Following landlord issues, Lone Star announced its official closure in July, leaving its many customers running out of ideas for their favorite space to sit outside with live music, fresh air and the bar kitchen of owner and cook, Aimee Freitag.

The closing of Lone Star Grill, however, opened up the opportunity for Freitag to move its food truck to Stonewall and reopen as Freitag’s Backyard Café.

In the shade of the oaks and under an awning sheltered from the heat, his guests can find his specialties comforting.

“I always loved cooking when I was young,” Freitag said. “And being in the restaurant business is what I could do when I was raising my son to make enough money to support himself and myself.”

With a desire to own his own business, Freitag started his first business with a food stand at the Fredericksburg Trade Days and later evolved into a food truck.

Freitag’s Backyard Cafe honors the family name and grandmother who helped Aimee find her love for cooking.

At this point, Freitag hopes to keep things simple in the new site.

“We are going to do BYOB. You bring your cooler, bring your bottles, whatever you want to do,” Freitag said.

Freitag also intends to continue supporting local live music, a reputation it had established at its previous location. She is working on building a stage in the outdoor dining area. Freitag books musicians to play unplugged for its weekend customers.

The menu at Freitag’s Backyard Café continues to feature the bar fare it is known for in the area.

“I love comfort food, and so a good greasy cheeseburger is comfort food,” Freitag said of his cooking style. “My go-to every time is pork fries. There is nothing extraordinary about it. It’s just fries with pulled pork, but it’s my homemade barbecue sauce that does that.

Freitag is looking forward to moving to the booming Stonewall area.

“We had a very good reception here. People are dying for food in this area,” she said.

Having just completed the final move to the new location, Freitag is looking forward to building their business on their reputation for cooking quality food.

“I couldn’t ask for a better location. I couldn’t ask for someone better to hire from,” Freitag said. “I think it’s just a matter of people learning that I’m here. If you make good food, people come.

Freitag’s Backyard Café is located at 14746 US 290 East, Stonewall. Orders can be placed by calling 830-456-2514.

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