Cork products designed to prove that this durable + trendy material is here to stay!

Cork has gained popularity and recognition in the design world (although it has been in use for over 5,000 years), and it well deserves it. It is biodegradable, durable and not to mention super versatile. It’s an amazing sustainable alternative that dramatically reduces plastic consumption. You can create almost anything with cork, be it furniture or headphones! And, in an effort to celebrate this wonderful material, we’ve curated a whole collection of product designs that will blow your mind with their creativity and functionality. Whether it’s a chic indoor cork planter or a cork credit card holder, these innovative designs will surely turn you into Team Cork! Enjoy.

This intriguing concept of vacuum cleaner is not only versatile in its design, it is also durable in its construction. The storage section of the vacuum cleaner is made of cork, which is biodegradable and gives off a cozy feel. The vacuum hoses and other parts are designed to be stored in the cork shell which is then carefully covered with a cover. The ability to hide the entire device from view saves valuable space in the home and leaves the vacuum always in use in the open for a different purpose.

Created by design graduate Zachary Leong, the Cork Planter features a simple design that showcases cork as a material. Made from sustainably sourced cork, Zach is quick to mention that unlike clay, concrete, plastic, or even wood itself, cork is an incredibly renewable resource. The material comes from the bark of a cork oak tree, which can be simply harvested without cutting down the tree, and is incredibly easy to work with and even recycle. It’s even good for the tree itself since it allows the trunk to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere.

Element 0’s sneakers feature a unisex design constructed from naturally-sourced and recycled materials (the company is even transparent about where and how it sources its materials). The shoes sit on a recycled rubber and cork outsole, literally putting a spring in your step; while an insole made from a combination of wool, corn fiber, wood and natural latex gives your foot a comfortable surface to rest on that is also water absorbent and odor resistant.

The Grovemade Cork Apple Watch Dock is a refreshing take on the usual Apple Watch charging docks that we come across. The dock was created from high-end materials, including always durable cork! The Apple Watch docking station is quite compact and flat, so it can easily fit into any space including your nightstand or desk. The base was made of stainless steel, which has a sturdy anchor, which prevents your watch from slipping or falling. The upper part has been made of cork and has been fitted with a small clod in the center to cradle and support your watch. Not to mention, this dock design is quite sleek, stylish, and durable!

Fanoos consists of a planter that sits at the bottom of the device’s three-legged frame and a detachable lantern that sits directly above it. The three wooden legs that make up the Fanoos frame appear to be carved from natural pine, while the planter and lamp mimic the texture of cork for a soft, light feel. The Fanoos includes an emergency button located on the top of the lamp, which can be pressed whenever medical attention is needed. Using integrated technology, Fanoos tracks the health status of older people, from sleep patterns to their emotional well-being. Indeed, Fanoos adapts according to the mood and emotional state of the user.

ERA Architects is an innovative studio in Barcelona that defends sustainable tourism with its Pinea Mobile Ecological motorhome! Pinea’s outer fabric can be opened to let in fresh air and sunlight, or rolled up for privacy. The fabric is made in Catalonia using a water efficient dyeing process and is a breathable water repellent material. Now for the most worrying part of camping – the mosquitoes – the Pinea RV comes with a built-in mosquito net to keep you safe at all times. The motorhome comes with a queen-size bed, table, chairs, and storage furniture made from certified wood (the same one used to make the walls) and durable cork. Another special feature of this motorhome is its cork floor! The designers also chose to use corks instead of gravel isolation on the green roof. The team’s goal was to design a self-sufficient eco-suite on wheels and they absolutely succeeded with the Pinea mobile eco-friendly RV!

Created from Portuguese cork, the 15:21 Cork Credit Card Holder is a durable alternative to your regular leather wallets! The cork card holder is as soft as suede and is also very durable. Its compact size ensures that it fits easily in your pockets, and its water resistant nature ensures you never have to worry about your wallet being ruined by water! This aesthetic and ecological wallet could be the future of accessories!

This limited edition set includes a dining table, two coffee tables, a lounge chair, a dining chair, a lounge chair and a stool. Each piece has a base with a bark-like texture which then turns into a fine-grained surface at the top. The chairs feature ergonomic silhouettes that promise comfort while the tables feature architectural elements. Cork is an underrated durable material that has finally had the chance to shine through design in the Burnt Cork furniture set.

Weighing only 64 grams (0.14 lbs), these headphones are super light! Cork is a versatile material that is being explored to design sustainable products. It is non-allergic, resistant, sound absorbing, moisture resistant and soft to the touch. If you are a daily user of headphones, you know that there is a lot of wear and tear that occurs and instead of fixing we usually do an upgrade which increases our plastic consumption. Cork headphones are easy to repair and reject due to an assembly based on the compressibility of the material. There is no glue, no padding, no screws – just cork, simple electrical parts, steel and foam.

Architect, designer and creative director – José Manuel Carvalho Araújo A graduate in architecture from the architecture schools of Porto and Lisbon, Carvalho Araújo has a strong sense of product design, which makes him a household name in his fields. Its simple but very useful chair design, dubbed Tumble, is the perfect example of an intuitive product design well suited to ultra-modern interiors. It is basically a platform that acts as a chair, side table, bench seat, storage unit, shelf, center table, or lounge chair. Depending on the nature of the use and the interior space available, Tumble can be put to good use with a little creativity. The cabinet is made from natural agglomerated cork and natural oak, which also makes it good for the environment. Using these biodegradable materials shouldn’t give you the impression that the modular platform lacks structural strength. It can support the weight of an above average weight adult and the only thing you need to be careful about is keeping the water away.

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