Crossroads Kitchen brings its vegan cuisine to Las Vegas

Some say you eat with your eyes, and nowhere will you find that more exemplified than at Resorts World’s new Crossroads Kitchen. At the all-vegan restaurant, expect dishes with the look and feel of meat, seafood, and dairy, providing diners who want to avoid meat with a rich experience.

Crossroads, conveniently located near Resorts World Theatre, has two side-by-side restaurants; one is CB/Crossroads Burger, a small indoor patio that serves a menu of homemade plant-based burgers and sausages, as well as sundaes.

Crossroads Kitchen’s curved dining room sits beyond an intimate bar (you can also order from CB here) and is dominated by a huge central pillar, which showcases a variety of wines and spirits. Dark wood walls and curtained windows showcase booths and tables accented by crisp white tablecloths under chandeliers.

The cocktails are amazing, with offerings such as the daiquiri, which combines Ron Zacapa No. 23, lime juice, and simple syrup. Several mocktails make up the menu, and the Espresso Marti-no tops its alcoholic brethren, with Seedlip Spice 94, espresso and simple syrup delivering a lightly spiced sip. Even the alcohol is vegan, so drink up.

The food here is amazing, and even though it’s vegan, you won’t see the term vegan anywhere. It’s just great food, says founder Tal Ronnen.

On the entrees menu, you’ll see foie gras, impossible cigars, and calamari, a crunchy, chewy bite that’ll make you swear it’s real (it’s mushrooms). The pumpkin blossoms are stuffed with a ricotta that’s almost indistinguishable from the cow’s milk variety, and it’s just as delicious.

If you want to be casual, there are several pizzas on the menu, such as the one with sausage, pepper and onion that will take you back to your days of eating meat and a decadent version with truffles and mushrooms. Pasta includes spaghetti and meatballs, tagliatelle bolognese and spaghetti carbonara, served with a ‘raw egg’ on top – break the yolk and mix it in.

And when it comes to creating the illusion of meat, the eggplant tenderloin is a masterpiece. Eggplant has been dry-aged (albeit for a much shorter period of time than its beef counterparts) and looks exactly like a cut of meat. Not only does it look like meat, but it also cuts like meat, and the first bite you get may shock you into thinking it’s meat. The tenderloin is accompanied by a Bordeaux sauce, mashed potatoes and chanterelles. Pair it with a traditional side dish of spicy cicco broccoli with crispy garlic and pine nuts; creamed spinach with truffles and “parmesan,” or balsamic-glazed mushrooms, and that steakhouse illusion is complete.

For dessert, a nice verrine of citrus berries, a layer of lemon curd, almond streusel and berry jelly is not too sweet; but if you need a little more sugar, try the brownie sundae, with vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, coconut whipped cream and cherry liqueur. life. And the sumptuous Chocolate Crunch Bar, with chocolate mousse, caramelized nuts and crispy rice, recreates a chocolate bar, really sweet.

Resorts World Las Vegas, 702.676.7000

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