Customers with ‘unusual’ symptoms accuse Las Vegas restaurant of serving food containing THC

A Las Vegas restaurant closed earlier this month after more than 30 customers left the establishment feeling ill with “unusual” symptoms, according to the Southern Nevada Health District. Symptoms ranged from blurred vision and faster heartbeat to numbness, tingling and even hallucinations. Some who received medical help tested positive for THC and now suspect the restaurant – Secret of Siam – served THC-enriched foods.

From HuffPost:

Patrons of the Secret of Siam restaurant on Centennial Center Boulevard have reported increased heart rate, blurred vision, disorientation, loss of consciousness, and numbness or tingling within hours of dining.

The health district is asking anyone who ate there in January or February to complete a survey on its website. Las Vegas police have also reported cases of illness.

The restaurant opened in 2019 and has consistently passed inspection reports, KTNV-TV in Las Vegas reported.

Some customers told local news outlets they suspected their food was contaminated with THC – the compound in cannabis that produces the high – after seeing a doctor and testing positive.

The restaurant’s phone rang on Friday but no one – human or machine – picked up.

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