Dollar General recalls chairs made in China for amputation and laceration risks

Dollar General pulls out his canvas lounge chairs and issued a recall announcement after reports of accidental amputations and lacerations were submitted to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The American variety store chain is selling the recalled chairs nationwide.

According to Fox Business, more than 150,000 units of folding chairs sold in Dollar General stores have been recalled. The affected product is called True Living Sling Loungers, and the CPSC has said it can suddenly collapse and this incident could result in pinching if a finger gets stuck in the folding joints of the chair.

The unexpected collapse can also cause amputation of the finger since the folding joints are made of metal. Getting scratched is another risk for the chair. A case related to the recall has been said to have cited a laceration of several fingers.

There have been three reports of injuries, and some have resulted in amputations of fingers, according to the CPSC. The recalled True Living Sling sun loungers were sold at Dollar General outlets from January 2019 to September 2019. The company immediately issued the recall upon receipt of the notice from the Safety Office. consumer products.

In the recall notice, customers who purchased the chair were instructed to stop using it. They were also asked to remove the fabric by cutting it so that it could not be used again. Dollar General will provide a full refund for the affected chairs and customers will only need to contact the store.

Customers should note that the lounge chairs have white metal frames and have been sold in two color options for the fabric, which are green and blue. They can also confirm whether they purchased the recalled product if they can see the 12-digit UPC number 430001047344 on their receipt.

Meanwhile, the True Living Sling lounge chairs sold in Dollar General stores were imported. They were said to have been made in Shanghai, China, by Shanghai Worth Garden Products Co. Ltd. Finally, customers should call Dollar General or CPSC for more information about the recall or for other questions.

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