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As the days grow shorter in October, Vancouver-based band Vox Rea promise to brighten them up by bringing their dreamy, philosophical pop to the Mary Winspear Center in Sidney.

The quartet will perform on October 5 as part of the Seaside Sessions, which feature emerging Canadian musical artists.

Vox Rea features Kate Kurdyak (vocals / piano / guitar / bass), her sister Lauren Kurdyak (vocals / piano), childhood best friend Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher (vocals / percussion) and Mitchell Schaumberg (vocals / piano / guitar / bass), an alumnus of the prestigious Berklee School of Music.

Formerly known as The Katherines, the group took on the more androgynous name after adding Schaumberg, who is described as a boy-genius on the piano.

The members of Vox Rea are provided with a soundtrack to the confusion and euphoria of coming of age in a post-modern world. Viewing their music as a celebration of free will and an ode to the crippling nature of choice, they cite as influences the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche – perhaps the most famous (and misunderstood) theorist of human action and criticism of current standards – and Arcade Fire.

The group’s philosophical tone is reflected in their motto, “Vox Rea was written for you, it’s not a product” defying consumerism.

While the videos and Vox Rea’s album cover have a personal, trippy, and nostalgic tone (including references to HP Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror and a photo of a deceased family member lying on a lounge chair drinking and smoking, wearing nothing more than a Speedo in the middle of winter), the musicians wrote two songs that seem to perfectly capture the current era.

Dose Up explores the tension between the different stages of life, while Rest celebrates new beginnings.

Vox Rea will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. on October 5. For tickets and other information, visit marywinspear.ca/event/vox-rea.

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