El Pasoan fights to be the best designer on HGTV


UPDATE: Fabiola Salayandia won the competition on Monday night. You can see it on the Facebook page “Hogar HGTV”.

ORIGINAL REPORT: EL PASO, Texas – A woman from El Paso is one of three finalists to compete on HGTV’s new show, “Hogar from HGTV”, for top designer.

Fabiola Salayandia has been designing locally for over 13 years, both residential and commercial. She tries to make each design a winner, according to the tastes of her clients.

“I try to incorporate this into every design I make. I like to incorporate foliage for a fresh look,” says Salayandia.
ABC-7 caught up with her for an interview at a restaurant she recently designed, Taco Estrella on Edgemere. The dining room features unique booths, wall foliage, mirrors, and unique lighting – which she says is key.

She says she learned a lot during her stint in the new Latin TV contest. Applicants are encouraged to design spaces in a short period of time, with a limited budget. The competition allows him to show his creativity and get out of his comfort zone. The original group of hundreds of potential designers now ranks in the top three, and she is the only female contestant.

“I’m very proud to show the rest of the world what El Paso is. I’ve actually proven to everyone that a city like this is rich in trends, in fashion, in talent, and I am bring what we’re all out there, ”she said.

She has designed spaces in local homes, restaurants, spas and hair salons. She will now take her experiences from the show back to El Paso, incorporating the things she learned into her future jobs. And what she does really changes the way you feel about a space.

“A makeover can completely transform a space. The atmosphere – bedroom, you rest, restaurant, you want to attract people. You are always looking for a pleasant place to be with family and friends”, explains Salayandia.

On On Monday evening, the winner of HGTV’s “Hogar HGTV” will be announced. You can watch it on Facebook page “Hogar HGTV”.


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