Emirates responds to growing demand for plant-based cuisine

New gourmet vegan dishes are now available for passengers traveling in first and business class, while economy class customers will also benefit from additional plant-based options. Meals can also be ordered in Emirates lounges.

Emirates, which has already been named the best airline for vegans, aimed to develop a vegan menu comparable to best-in-class meals. The carrier began offering vegan options since the 1990s, especially for travelers following a plant-based diet for religious reasons. However, the popularity of these menus has quickly reached more routes across the United States, Australia and Europe, while over the past 10 years demand has increased dramatically. How many? Enough to allow the airline to now offer more than 180 delicious plant-based recipes to satisfy the taste buds of its passengers.

First and Business Class menus have been developed at Emirates Flight Catering facilities at Dubai International Airport by vegan and non-vegan staff. The menu has been perfected with the help of specialist Chinese, Indian and Arab chefs. But First and Business Class passengers aren’t the only ones pampered, as the vegan menus in Economy Class also feature a wide variety of fresh produce that changes every month.
Vegan desserts are also popular on board, with multiple delicious offerings tempting the company’s customers.

As the benefits of plant-based foods become more and more evident, or simply because people want to eat lighter and healthier from time to time, Emirates uses alternative vegan products that contain only high-quality healthy ingredients. . These include: artisanal vegan cheese, chickpea flour, coconut cream, white quinoa seeds, jackfruit, kohlrabi, Beyond meat products, cherry tomato tofu, edamame, mushrooms, avocado, berries and a selection of invigorating Vitality juices. The menu is packed with essential nutrients and contains no sugar, artificial additives, fillers or preservatives.

Ingredients for the new menus onboard the Emirates fleet are sustainably sourced from prestigious UAE-based suppliers like Bustanica, the world’s largest hydroponic vertical farm developed after an investment of US$40 million. Bustanica uses innovative AI methods combined with the powerful know-how of human scientists to create fresh products without any chemicals.

World Vegan Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

Source: eglobaltravelmedia.com.au

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