EOOS presents a new collection of conference furniture for Keilhauer designed by creative inspiration and built to meet the needs of the modern workplace

Vienna, Austria

Designed by EOOS, Forsi is a collection of conference furniture designed to meet the needs of modern meetings.

A pun derived from the ideal size of a productive and effective meeting – four to six people – Forsi creates an environment that is neither too formal nor too relaxed.

The Forsi chair is offered in an innovative work lounge height, ideal for promoting creative thinking, and the Forsi table is offered in either the same work lounge height or the traditional conference height.

This is the first contract furniture ranges from Keilhauer to offer this unique height option – it strikes the ideal balance between conference room formality and living room relaxation.

Forsi was designed to encourage and elevate the way people think, create and collaborate in the office.

“When designing Forsi, we asked ourselves: what would a perfect meeting look like? says Gernot Bohmann, EOOS designer.

“We realized that “the perfect meeting” is the solution between the conference and the trade show. We wanted to find a new typology, a new height and a new unknown place – this is where Forsi exists.

Forsi conference furniture collection by EOOS

“The Forsi chair is a combination of a conference chair and a lounge chair, with a soft and luxurious feel,” adds Mike Keilhauer, president of Keilhauer.

“With its matching lounge height, the Forsi table complements the chairs beautifully, but the Forsi pieces have also been designed to stand on their own if desired.”

Project: Forsi conference furniture collection
Designers: EOOS
Manufacturer: Keilhauer

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