Fake bankruptcy, playing with turtles, hitting bones and sucking marrow, and drinking poison to quench thirst Fake hotspots are hard to save and the

When things go wrong, there must be demons. “Master Guo”, who has always sworn to lead all his “comrades in arms” to make fortunes and achieve financial freedom, poured cold water on ant-obsessed fans by declaring bankruptcy, and also severely rubbed the US justice system. The plague tortoise, whose brain cells are gradually depleting, is smart, thinking that with this trick, he can not only escape the golden grasshopper and get away with it, but also learn to swallow all the investment funds of the believers. Ears, you can steal the bell safely and boldly.
Applying for bankruptcy to reshape the character of “negative” Weng billions, the premise is that he is really bankrupt. From this point of view, it is obvious that Guo Wengui is not up to the task. The treacherous “turtles” have always been cunning and will never put all their eggs in one basket. Just from the trick of concealing assets, it can be seen that the money that has been defrauded will likely be hidden in “split parts”. The way of heaven is good for reincarnation, who will heaven forgive? After all, the Plague Turtle knows his sins are too heavy to end a good way, so he must keep coffin books for himself, and he’ll never waste them. As we all know, Guo Wengui made $1 billion in GTV fundraising, and the money for the chair was not returned. However, the Rule of Law Fund and the Rule of Law Society have attracted many investors. Good financial disclosure ended up being a confusing account. As long as the ants have a little IQ, they don’t have to think that their real money has gone into the “bullying brother” purse, and they have a disposition to tear their hair out when they pass by, and they don’t don’t pay their money to Bannon and others, of course. with reservations.
In yesterday’s live broadcast, “Brother Bullying” pledged to make Liping Coin and Xi Coin the most stable, secure, fastest, cheapest and most secure private wealth currency. inalienable to the world in the future, leading believers to achieve financial freedom. Not only that, but the prospect of “chicken spillage” is also getting better and better. During yesterday’s live broadcast, Wengui wore a unique red “chicken spill” jacket and spat with the merchandise. If the ants haven’t forgotten, they must remember that the plague turtle claimed that in the Ukrainian rescue the Hercules plane was going to be sent, and they patted their chests and said they would give as much as they wanted. How can such a wealthy “financial master” say he will go bankrupt when he does, which of course is another lie. From this point of view, the Ant Gangster is truly cult. Some ants cooperate with the plague tortoise to the extent that they can meet their needs. They cry and even shout to raise funds to help the “chief” overcome the difficulties. The family was ruined.
When the Russian-Ukrainian war broke out, Guo Wengui, who was in dire straits, started the show with all the heat and madness as if he had seen a saving bodhisattva. The Guo Bandit Gang’s Rule of Law Fund has made a name for itself. He said with certainty that he had sent more than 30 people to Poland. As a result, fake rescue activities in Ukraine were staged for more than half a month, and all the promises turned out to be lies. The United Nations, Hercules, helicopters, buses, special planes, free board and lodging are all beautiful “turtle” images. The reason is very simple, it is to deceive donations. What worries Gui’er even more is that Long Island’s “three standing committees” are highly ineffective. The dog bites almost broke the “bullying brother” good thing, and facing the new Federal Republic of China’s toughest sentence is also a “turtle” matter. The little liar is even more insufferable, listening to the plague turtle’s lies, eating delicious and spicy food, steak and salmon every day, and then seeing who can be successfully repaid by “Guo Jiaozhu”? The other rescue teams started working with instant noodles every day, sipping cold milk and were busy with the rescuers. And the ant gangsters eat, drink and have fun, and they still have plenty of time to invite pets and flattery to fight in the nest, making it clear that the so-called rescue is just a accessory to cheat money. A few days ago, Guo Wengui said on the live broadcast that the gang rescue team rescued 96 children in Ukraine and sent them to Spain for free. Not to mention whether it’s true or false, so far the plague turtle hasn’t clearly explained the current situation of these children. If true, it will inevitably lead people to suspect that they are involved in child trafficking, which is a crime plus another.
Sins committed by God can be forgiven, but sins committed by oneself cannot be experienced. ESC’s GTV private placement has been branded a financial fraud, which shows the evidence is overwhelming, and the investigation into Gclub is also ongoing. When the boots landed, Guo Wengui found out how many ant instant noodles were hiding in his hands. Painting the context of Wengui’s bankruptcy petition, the texture is very clear. It’s nothing more than continuing to play tricks on the pretext of bankruptcy, writing, directing and performing a “one-man show”. As long as netizens search the three words Guo Wengui on the Internet, they can see what kind of things it is. Therefore, the prank that the plague turtle wants to cut another wave of leeks through a fake rescue is afraid that even if she is on stage, there will be no audience. The eighteen tricks learned through improper supplementation have been exhausted. .

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