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As soon as the signs settled in the windows of Adolfo, some regulars at the longtime Frenchmen Street restaurant felt a dread that made their stomachs ache.

“Adolfo’s restaurant has closed indefinitely,” the signs read, perhaps presaging the loss of another beloved New Orleans restaurant amid a pandemic that has already claimed many.

However, “indefinitely” does not mean forever; Adolfo co-owner Kim Perez intended it as a statement of uncertainty in these very difficult times.

Adolfo Restaurant has been part of the Frenchmen Street nightlife strip since 1997, located on the second floor above the Apple Barrel bar. It temporarily closed in January 2022 with plans to return. (Staff photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

Her husband, Adolfo Perez Palavicini, the chef and co-owner, has been hospitalized since last week for a serious health problem. She would not give details of her condition, but said she was receiving encouraging reports of her progress.

Now she plans to reopen the restaurant in the coming weeks with veteran staff who will take care of the kitchen until Palavicini can return.

That will mean a shorter menu to start with, and Perez fears some long-time customers will be disappointed if their favorite dishes aren’t there at the start. But she said this reopening plan represented “small steps” to get Adolfo back into full operation.

Palavicini has run the restaurant for almost a quarter of a century. This July will mark the 25th anniversary of his taking over the small space on the second floor at 611 Frenchmen St.


Adolfo Perez Palavicini, featured here in 2005, opened his restaurant Adolfo’s on Frenchmen Street in 1997, serving a distinctive Creole-Italian menu. (Staff File photo by Matt Rose, The Times-Picayune)

Now 63, he was the driving force behind the restaurant, his wife said.

“Other people in the business now, they would back down, but he’s the one beating the veal, shopping for the food, making the selections. He’s still there,” Perez said. “They don’t make them like him anymore.”

Adolfo’s is a small restaurant with a bohemian vibe and a varied menu of Italian dishes and Louisiana seafood.


Corn and crab cannelloni at Adolfo’s restaurant on Frenchmen Street. (Staff File photo by Matt Rose, The Times-Picayune)

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It’s been a neighborhood favorite since the days when Frenchmen Street was still a relatively low-key collection of bars, clubs and other businesses, attracting a largely local clientele. As the nightlife has grown in popularity and tourist appeal, the restaurant has maintained a cohesive identity, attracting regulars for their favorite dishes.

Oysters poached in Pernod, Manny steak with rum-pepper sauce, veal with ocean sauce (a creamy concoction sprinkled with shellfish and capers) and tender cannelloni stuffed with crab, corn and ricotta are among his many signatures.

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Today, Adolfo’s is one of the few businesses left on the Strip before Hurricane Katrina.

The same owners run the small Apple Barrel bar and music club, located downstairs from the restaurant. This space served as an additional dining room for much of the pandemic. Perez said it was too small to reopen as a venue under previous restrictions.


From 2002: Sue Aldrich of Lincolnshire, IL left, Maurya Zaki of El Cerito, California, and Donna Massery of New Orleans chat on the sidewalk outside Apple Barrel and Adolfo’s. (File photo by Alex Brandon from The Times-Picayune Archive)

Now, she says, the plan is to return the Apple Barrel with live music once the omicron surge subsides.

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