Here’s what makes Etihad Airways Residence the most expensive first-class flight

Etihad Airways Residence is one of the most luxurious experiences a human being can have.

You might think that riding first class on a trip to Dubai is the lavishest thing to do if you’re someone with at least some wealth. But owning your own private jet is a closer realization for the rich and famous. Just ask Jackie Chan or Michael Jordan about their personal, luxurious aircraft. But even if you’re wealthy and have the money to spend on a couple of private jets like Kenneth Copeland, you might be curious to know what it’s like to fly first class on one of the airlines. the most expensive in the world. Here are some of the features that make Etihad Airways Residence the most expensive first class flight in the world.

4 An ultra-luxurious living room experience

Considering the fact that a one-way ticket from the Big Apple New York to Dubai costs $64,000 on the Etihad Airways residence, one has to wonder what amenities are offered when traveling with the airline. However, it’s not just the plane ride that makes the experience worth the price, it’s the whole process leading up to the flight that puts them a cut above the rest, such as the private limo ride with driver to the airport who drops you off and picks you up in luxury style. It’s a real VIP celebrity treatment. We also know that Dubai and Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates are among the most popular and expensive countries in the world due to their oil supply and unique architecture.

As part of their unique architecture, their hotels are also very famous, which is why they attract names such as the controversial Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and rappers Wiz Khalifa and Gucci Mane. The Etihad Lounge is no different, in that it welcomes the traveler with an elegant dining and relaxation experience before boarding the flight. A variety of dishes from five-star restaurants are also available in case anyone gets peckish before the flight. Only first-class ticket holders are allowed to dine in the Royal Lounge as part of the package, but economy-class travelers can also dine for a $180 fee, according to Travel Radar.

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3 Heaven in the air

The relaxing experience before take-off is only the beginning of the exceptional experience that one must live. Granted, no matter how many American Airlines Advantage points you accumulate, it won’t even come close to what Etihad Airways expected. For starters, how many airlines do you know that have a private butler available for every passenger on the flight. Think of it like having your own comic Rob Schneider from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Always at your service! You can be sure he’ll be expecting more than a stick of Winterfresh as a tip.

Plus, you can expect to be served gourmet food on board the Etihad Residence, nothing like the normal airplane food you’re used to. These elegant plates can be compared to Robert Dinero’s Nobu restaurant quality food, such as eggs and caviar, king prawns with chili, a mixture of different types of mixed meats or vegetable soup served with a bottle of Dom Pérignon. or Krug. Could life get better hundreds of thousands of feet in the air? Of your choice, you can even have breakfast in bed.

You basically have your own apartment on the Middle East website, complete with a pull-out sofa, recliner, vanity mirror and amenity kit. Even if you’re not there yet, flying on the expensive Etihad Residence will make you feel like you’re among the top millionaires in the world.

2 The feel of royalty on an airplane

Just like with other airlines, there are different classes that you pay money for, such as first class and economy class. First class offers the most perks, of course, such as free pajamas and the ability to use one of two bathrooms for First Class apartment passengers. After eating and showering, one of the lucky passengers en route to iconic Abu Dhabi can spend time in the entertainment system, which includes a 24-inch LCD TV with a touchscreen remote, according to Top Miles . The touchscreen remote also plays videos, so you can choose to watch either screen.

The Etihad Residence is really like a mini-apartment, equipped with a living room, an en-suite bathroom and a private bedroom. Much like a Four Seasons Las Vegas hotel, there is also a full double bed in addition to what was previously mentioned. It won’t hurt to add that the gold elements that adorn most buildings and streets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are also used in the fixtures and geometry of the aircraft’s interior. From the Fulk Al Salamah superyacht to Etihad Airways, it’s clear that people in the Dubai area have a thirst for luxury that’s not even matched by their American counterparts. $64,000 may be some people’s entire house mortgage, but for the rich and famous, spending that on a single flight to Abu Dhabi may be worth it!

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