Homestead students embrace culture through cooking

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Smells, tastes and sounds from around the world converged in
The cafeteria at Homestead Highschool tonight.

The “Taste of Homestead” is an event where students volunteer and choose a country to
represent. They learn about the culture and food of this country and prepare a dish to share.
The sixth annual Taste of Homestead returns after a year off due to Covid. spanish teacher
and Chair of the Department of World and Classical Languages, Justin Peeper was delighted to

“We didn’t know when the year started whether we were going to get it or not. And the fact that we’re here
tonight it’s just great to see the kids doing what they’ve been doing for the past few years. You know
it’s one of the best parts of being a teacher is seeing your students apply everything they’ve learned
class and out of class.

One of these students, a junior named Yeyoon Song, stressed how important it was for the
students had the opportunity to explore other cultures.

“I think this kind of event (like Taste of Homestead) is super important, especially for
minorities or people who are a little shy to share their culture normally at school. I believe
this kind of event creates a safer, more positive and secure school environment for us.
Song’s booth shared the culture of South Korea. Their dish, Bibimbap, gave other students the
chance to transport their taste buds to Southeast Asia.

Peeper also expressed that other schools could benefit from such events.

“I would encourage anyone else from other schools to do something like this. You know,
Contact me and I can tell you how we do it. But it’s really a great event for our children to come and
share the talents they have.

In total, more than a hundred students volunteered between the 29 countries represented with stands

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