How Filipino cuisine uses avocado as a delicious dessert

Many Filipino desserts resemble a sweet soup, with fruit, jellies, and tapioca pearls set in a liquid cream base. There’s buko pandan, made with condensed milk infused with pandan leaves combined with jelly cubes and shredded coconut. Fruit salad is another popular example, with various fruits and sometimes corn dipped in cream and condensed milk. Each household creates their own rendering, altering the temperature, textures, and components of the fruit (via Will Fly For Food).

With popular avocados as a smoothie ingredient, it’s no surprise they’re the base for another liquid treat. The preparation is simple: the avocados are cut into pieces and combined with condensed milk and ice. Sometimes the mixture is mixed, but usually it is simply eaten with a spoon. Some add extra sweetener and others add crushed ice — it all comes down to personal taste, reports Vice.

Although common in Filipino homes for many years, the dish has recently taken the internet by storm. TikToker Anna Paul amassed over 10 million views by sharing the combo, and there are countless other viral renditions. Perfect for a summer day, the preparation is quick, and the results rewarding.

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