Just Joel’s Tops Our wishlist of restaurants to fill this space

Wouldn’t it be great if Just Joel was in Richland?

I found the perfect place! It’s on Torbett Street and Jadwin Avenue, and it’s for sale!

Of course, I called Joel. He seems satisfied with the Kennewick Avenue location. Joel is not only too busy at his restaurant Kennewick, he also helps various charities.

We asked on Facebook, and you answered.

Photo by iStrfry, Marcus on Unsplash

picture by iStrfry, Marcus to Unsplash

Shannon wants a KFC to move into this vacant building in this part of Richland. While we’re talking about chicken,

The popularity of fast food chicken is helping to drive nationwide chicken shortages and price increases

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a number of people want Chick-fil-A. That must be good ! Stephanie Motherof Chickens wants Raise the cane, another chicken roast. Anyone else would like Popeye’syet, coming soon.

Do we need a dutch brothers?

Credit: Dutch Bros Coffee Facebook page.

Credit: Dutch Bros Coffee Facebook page.

Hmmmmm, yeah! There’s one on Keene Road. For some of us, that’s not very convenient.

How about a burger joint?

There were a lot of requests for burgers! Steak’n Shake was a. I actually miss it Steak’n Shake. They serve wonderful milkshakes and they are known for Chili Mac. It’s spaghetti topped with chilli. Who could go wrong with that?

Check out the thread. You all have wonderful ideas.

It will be interesting to see what that will be. Sure, Just Joel get my vote! Richland needs a good breakfast. And Joel’s pies?

Just Joel’s Facebook

Just Joel’s Facebook

Yes please! Remember, we lost shari (on George Washington Way) some time ago too.

Just Joel was the most mentioned!

Think about it, Joel, please?

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