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When sister duo Patcharee Sintuwong (Kai) and Supranee Sritan (Kook) moved to Milledgeville, they gained experience serving at other restaurants in the area. However, the two noticed that the town lacked a restaurant that served Thai food.

As Kook explained, the sisters, who were from Thailand, loved to eat and cook at home. So, they decided why wouldn’t they open their own restaurant?

She noted that although Thai cuisine is known around the world, when they first arrived in Milledgeville, few people knew about it. This observation, along with their love for cooking, made the sisters want to create something new for their community that would allow others to taste and experience their food.

Kai and Kook opened Kai Thai Restaurant in May 2008, the restaurant being in part inspired by Patcharee Sintuwong’s nickname.

Kook runs Kai Thai while Kai runs their two sister restaurants,Thai pepper andKin.D 96, in Warner Robins. WhenKai Thai opened for the first time, business was not good, but the sisters continued.

After a period of learning what customers liked and making adjustments, Kook said audience response increased.

“We have a lot of repeat customers and new faces. Even though we have spent almost two years dealing with COVID-19, people still support us. This is something we can’t thank them enough for, ”Kook said.

On the menu, guests will find both Thai and Japanesefood. Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes include pad thai, fried rice, sushi rolls, and ramen. In addition, there are different types of soups and curries. There is also iced tea, which Kook called a “must” andBoba milk tea. The variety of dishes on the menu is just one aspect that makes Kai Thai food unique in Kook’s mind, but it certainly isn’t all.

“We use fresh vegetables, quality meats, real spices and ingredients that we use to cook exactly the way we cook in Thailand and to cook the way customers love our dishes,” Kook said.

The restaurant also offers daily specials, including seasonal dishes.

Kai and Kook work hard as Kai Thai Restaurant prepares to move to a new location between LongHorn Steakhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings, near Milledgeville Mall.

As Kook explained, there is a simple explanation for the move.

“Every day we have more and more new customers and regulars and we don’t have enough seats for them, so we decided to move to a bigger space,” Kook said, adding that they hope to open the new location next year. .

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Kai Thai hosted sushi nights on Thursdays and Saturdays, but the sisters were forced to stop offering them due to rising costs. Kook said once they move into the new location, they may be making plans to do something special.

As for why customers should visit Kai Thai compared to other restaurants in the area, it comes down to the quality of the food and the service offered.

“We favor quality over quantity. Our products we use and cook the way customers want, ”Kook said. “Our service and friendly staff are just some of the things that customers are happy with as well.”

Kook’s favorite thing about running Kai Thai has a lot to do with the restaurant environment, but she also discussed the challenges.

“It’s fun to work; we are all like family, we all help each other here at Kai Thai, ”Kook said. “Plus, it’s a challenge when unexpected things happen (like COVID-19) and you have to figure out how to fix the issues.”

The sisters, as Kook said, just love what they do, and that’s part of what keeps them going and doing it every day.

“We do this because we love what we do, seeing the happy faces of customers, so that our employees have jobs, are able to earn money and can provide food for their families,” Kook said. . “We will always continue, and as long as our customers continue to support us, the door to Kai Thai is always open.”

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