Lacey man allegedly smashed cafe window with bottle of ketchup

By Julia Ornedo

A Lacey man was caught after he allegedly threw a bottle of ketchup through a cafe window, causing it to burst at diners.

Olympia police arrested 25-year-old Alex Michael Martinez after making a malicious call to the Spar Café on Fourth Avenue on April 5.

A cafe employee told police that Martinez entered the establishment with a pink purse and presented a credit card that was not his.

The employee said Martinez started yelling at her when she told him he wasn’t allowed to use the card and asked him to leave. He then left the cafe.

Once outside, Martinez picked up a bottle of ketchup from a table and stood facing two customers sitting in front of a window, the employee said.

The suspect would have intentionally pointed the bottle at the two guests.

“My sister and I were sitting at a table eating and the man walked up to the window in front of us, looked at both of us, and threw a bottle of ketchup directly at the window aimed at us,” wrote a witness. “He looked me in the eye when…he threw the bottle of ketchup at me.”

An officer also noted that “there were two other windows that Martinez could have stood in front of.” Two other witnesses said they saw the suspect throw a bottle of ketchup out the window.

The two diners in front of the window got up after receiving shards of glass on their knees and shoulders. No injuries were reported.

Martinez was incarcerated in Olympia City Jail for third-degree malicious mischief and reckless endangerment.

The owner of the credit card in the suspect’s possession said she knew Martinez tried to use her cards, but declined to be listed as a victim.

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