LXR10 Armchair by Studio Truly Truly for Leolux LX

Dezeen showroom: upholstery flows over an enveloping wooden shell in the luxurious LXR10 armchair by Studio Truly Truly, designed for Leolux LX.

Studio Truly Truly envisioned the LXR10 as a unique, fluid shape that bends and folds into the shape of a chair.

The LXR10 has a fluid padded seat resting on a plywood shell

The seat sits on a plywood shell that curves into a half-pipe, with a cutaway section at the back serving to frame the padded form.

Together they form a sumptuous lounge chair with an adjustable headrest and a recline function for added comfort.

LXR10 armchair by Studio Truly Truly for Leolux LX beige leather and black tinted shell rear view
It can be customized with a wide range of color and finish options

The LXR10 seat can be upholstered in a range of fabrics and leathers, and true to Leolux XL’s emphasis on customization, there are also trim options for the plywood shell and aluminum swivel base.

The shell is available in walnut or oak with different colors while the base can be finished in polished aluminum or in powder coated color.

Product: LXR10
Designate: Studio really really
Mark: Leolux LX
Contact: [email protected]x-lx.com

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