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A man is in critical condition at a Macon hospital after being struck in the head with a bottle of liquor at a Baldwin County business last weekend, local authorities said.

A second man was also injured.

And a third man is behind bars charged as a suspect in the case.

The suspect was identified as Anthony Richard Tuberville, of the 1000 block of Fishburne Road, Shiloh, according to an arrest booking report filed with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuberville, who was taken into custody by Deputy Sgt. Brandon Towe has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Tuberville was taken to Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where he was imprisoned.

According to an incident report filed by Deputy Keante Butts, the incident began at 5:17 p.m. on August 27, at Duke’s Lounge, located at 162 Sinclair Marina Road.

The deputy said that when he arrived, he spoke with Robert “Bob” Butch, the owner of the business.

Butch told Butts that he had to have Terry Beckworth banned from Duke’s Lounge due to his reported behavior. Butts said he hand-delivered the trespassing notice to Beckworth and informed him if he was seen on the property again that he would be arrested.

Next, Beckworth walked over to a nearby boat and sat down.

“As I began to leave the property, a fight began inside Duke’s Lounge, which I passed on to 911 dispatch,” Butts said in his report. “As I entered the bar, the fight was broken up by other bar occupants, who identified the assailant as Richard Tuberville.”

Tuberville was taken in a patrol car and detained while the deputy returned inside the company and spoke with witnesses, according to the incident report.

A witness said Tuberville was upset because Beckworth had been kicked out of the business.

The witness said two men, identified as Seth Alan Plunkett, 46, of Melborne, Florida, and Stephen Neil Woolever, 58, of Monroe, Georgia, were talking to each other at the bar. Butts said the witness told him Tuberville kicked his chair, then walked over and allegedly put his arms around Plunkett and Woolever before attacking them both. The witness accused Tuberville of throwing the first punch.

The deputy also spoke to the two victims.

Butts said Plunkett told him that while he and Woolever were sitting at the bar, Tuberville hit him over the head with a chair and began punching him. Woolever told the deputy that Tuberville walked up behind him and Plunkett and placed his arms around their necks. Woolever said he removed the suspect’s arms from his neck. He then came between Tuberville and Plunket and Tuberville punched him, knocking him to the ground.

The victims told the deputy that they did not wish to press charges against Tuberville. Subsequently, Tuberville was released from the patrol car and temporarily detained.

Butts said Butch wanted both Plunkett and Tuberville out of his business, so he issued the trespassing notices.

The MP said all parties then got on boats and left the area.

Later, Butts said he received a call from a 911 dispatcher telling him to meet Little River RV Park at 3069 N. Columbia St.

The dispatcher told the deputy that the victims may have been the same men from Duke’s Lounge.

Butts said when he arrived at the RV park, a woman was crying and holding a towel over Woolever’s bleeding head.

The woman told the deputy that “he was watching us”, referring to Tuberville, according to the incident report.

Butts said Woolever and Plunkett were both lying on the ground unresponsive.

“I observed that Woolever had a severe head injury and extensive blood loss, but he was breathing,” Butts said in his report.

The deputy said Plunkett had a swollen face, was bleeding and was losing consciousness, but he was breathing.

Baldwin County Fire Rescue firefighters/first responders and Grady Emergency Medical Services personnel provided medical attention to the victims before they were taken by ambulances to Atrium Health Navicent, Macon Medical Center.

Butts and Deputy Sgt. Jerome Roberts and Deputy Brandon Clements assisted emergency personnel in assisting victims at the scene.

Butts said an unknown object, believed to have been used to cause injuries to the victims, was found smashed on the ground.

The deputies placed Tuberville in custody.

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