MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 25 Recap: Fusion Food

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 25 is called “Two Cuisines Immunity Challenge”. At the start of the challenge, judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo make a big announcement. Cooks are no longer split into Fans and Favorites groups. Now every contestant will cook for themselves to win the contest.

Now, to complete the challenge, contestants are offered 18 options from different cuisines around the world. Each cook must mix two different cuisines and cook a dish in 75 minutes. The contestant who successfully delivers the best dish where two different cuisines shine will win an immunity pin and $10,000.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 25 Recap Contains Spoilers

Each competitor wants to give the best of himself MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 25 because they all want an immunity pin. Coming to some of the best challenge dishes, Michael cooks one. Michael combines Mexican and Chinese and serves the judges Prawn Toastada which they loved! Michael’s dish was flawless and looked visually appealing.

He wrote on Instagram: “The look you get from a bunch of food nerds when you offer them $10,000 to cook a plate of food!!! To celebrate the fusion of @masterchefau Fans & Favs, our challenge is to combine two cuisines to make the most delicious dish possible! The best dish will also win the maker of a shiny new immunity pin! Probably a good challenge to win!!! I chose two of my favorite cuisines… Mexican and Chinese! I combined this with my love of food-related puns to create the Shrimp Toastada!”

Aldo combines Japanese and Italian and makes the shiitake mushroom risotto. The judges also enjoyed Daniel’s Australian-Thai fusion dish, Mindal Sunset. Julie combined Indian and Lebanese cuisine and served the judges the delicious eggplant biryani with hummus and crispy onions. She wrote on Instagram, “Lebanese and Indian – eggplant biryani with hummus and crispy onions 🇱🇧🇮🇳 it was so much fun to create”.

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Sarah served the best dish of the challenge. Sarah combined French and Indian cuisine and made Butter Poached Lobster with Indian flavors. Therefore, Sarah not only won the immunity pin, but also $10,000. The candidate became very emotional because the dish meant a lot to her.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 25 Recap: Final Thoughts

The cooking mix challenge was quite a refreshing concept. It was nice to see how two different cooking styles can bring something appetizing to the table.

The episode is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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