More pot shows set to open in Las Vegas next year, priority of minority communities in industry | New

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Cannabis shows are now legal in Nevada. Assembly Bill 341 came into effect on October 1, about five years after recreational marijuana was legalized in the state.

According to the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board, applications for the shows will open in the spring. Dispensaries will be allowed to apply for a license to operate a salon directly attached to their property.

“We’ve been a big supporter of this. It’s been a long time coming and you’ll see Planet 13 at the forefront of what consumer shows will look like,” said David Farris, vice president of sales and marketing. marketing at Planet 13.

Pot consumption is prohibited in many public spaces.

Farris believes AB 341 will provide a comfortable place for people to consume, while boosting tourism.

“I think people will come from all over the world and across the country to Las Vegas to find out how to use marijuana the right way.”

In addition to companies already established in the industry, anyone looking to break into the market will also be able to apply for standalone salon licenses.

Initially, the state will only approve 20 independent salons, and 10 must be owned by people historically affected by drug laws.

“It is absolutely important to say that they should have the opportunity and the right to be financially in this industry,” said A’Esha Goins, chair of the Cannabis Advisory Committee on Social Equity subcommittee, diversity and inclusion.

Goins’s mission is to bring minority communities into the industry, starting with cannabis shows.

She is launching a six-month program called Pathway To Ownership to teach them how to get involved in the business.

“They will learn about financing and about business and how to get a license, what the licensing process is for the jurisdiction so that they learn all of that – and at the end they should have a completed application for the. consumer show program, “she said.

Pathway To Ownership begins October 19. There are still places available. Register by visiting

According to the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board, the first shows could open around mid-2022.

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