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Biophilic design, which seeks to connect building occupants to the natural environment, is here to stay, with an emphasis on sustainability and well-being. What better way to cultivate both than by connecting people to nature, no matter the space?

For Morgan, it starts with the trees. The natural world drives much of what we do, from our sustainability initiatives to many of our seating and table designs.

Below, Erin Johnson, Head of Design at Morgan, shares some of our best collections that take inspiration from the great outdoors and can help bring some of that natural vitality indoors.


This collection reflects its namesake, Lake Lugano in Switzerland, in the way the chair seat and body float in the frame that cradles them. Designed to embody the idea of ​​nurturing and being nurtured, Lugano balances a crafted wooden frame with soft, enveloping upholstered elements.

Image credit: Morgan

The collection includes a signature lounge chair, small lounge chair and dining chair, providing options to introduce comfort to dining rooms and more relaxed environments.

Designer Rock Galpin designed Lugano with reducing environmental impact in mind. The chairs are made up of three separate elements, which can be replaced or updated individually, thus avoiding the need for a complete replacement of the product.]


Moving south from the landlocked glacial lake, Kaya was inspired by the sacred forests of the same name along a vast stretch of the Kenyan coast, reflecting the openness, honesty and purity of the trees.

Comprised of three lounge chairs and two dining chairs, the collection evokes an atmosphere of ‘komorebi’, the Japanese word for sun filtering through leaves, emphasizing space and light. Ornate wooden frames create an airy aesthetic, complemented by a geometric back of small individual sections.

Soft, sculpted upholstery brings enveloping comfort to the solid wood frame for a relaxed luxury feel.

Comprised of three lounge chairs and two dining chairs, Kaya offers effortless elegance for any project, from cozy reception or dining spaces to spacious lounging areas and gallery spaces.


For those looking to incorporate modern and visually striking organic elements into their designs, Rio is the ideal solution. This collection of side tables, coffee tables and dining/meeting chairs stands out as Morgan’s first to include 3D printed components.

Morgan Rio Table Collection

Image credit: Morgan

Designed in collaboration with the Integrate studio, Rio offers chair backs and table baskets constructed using a mathematical algorithm and printed in polyamide. The result is a sculptural and organic “lace”.

A second generation of tables, launched in 2018, saw the addition of a more geometric and regular aesthetic with sharper angles, reminiscent of the way branches grow on trees.


Ideal for spacious environments, Kyoto is a criss-cross bench system inspired by Japanese gardens and bridges. The collection is available in 10 asymmetrical double-height configurations. Sleek, long and minimalist, the seats recall the towering bamboo trees of the famous Arashiyama grove.

Morgan benches in white studio

Image credit: Morgan

Table tops available in wood, glass or Carrara marble make it a functional and attractive solution for receptions, presentation spaces and ad hoc meetings.

Last year saw the addition of seat cushions to the collection, giving designers more versatility to incorporate linear aesthetics by turning window sills, steps and other surfaces into seating.

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Main image credit: Morgan

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