Paterson, NJ, promises solution to disgusting school lunches

Officials at Paterson Public School are promising better food for students after a photo of the “lunch” being served to elementary students at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Education Complex began circulating on Twitter.

The photo was even retweeted by Bernice King, daughter of the late civil rights leader.

This caught the attention of Paterson Schools Superintendent Eileen Shafer, who called a press conference to address the issue.

Shafer assured parents that she was not happy with the quality of the food and ordered the school staff to be trained on how to provide not only a nutritious meal, but also an appetizing meal. “My message to them is simple,” Shafer said, “If you don’t eat it yourself, don’t serve it to our students.”

Unlike many districts in New Jersey, Paterson does not contract out meal services. Local district employees prepare the meals that are served to the students.

Similar problems regarding the quality of food have arisen in the districts of the state. In Woodbridge, parents started a petition calling on the district to hire a new food vendor, after children said they were given green hot dogs, moldy burgers and frozen sandwiches.

However, Woodbridge renewed its contract with food supplier Chartwells after the company promised to provide a better lunch experience for students.

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