Plush padding spills over the edges of Faye Toogood’s Puffy lounge chair

British designer Faye Toogood used chubby padding to soften the hard-lined metal base of the Puffy Lounge Chair, created for Swedish furniture brand Hem.

The chair, which was shortlisted in the seating design category at this year’s Dezeen Awards, features a removable quilt-like cushion that covers its back and armrests.

Faye Toogood’s Puffy Lounge Chair features a detachable seat

Supported by a canvas sling and attached to the frame with six hooks, this separable construction is meant to extend the life of the chair, making it easy to refurbish and upholster.

The plump padding creates what Toogood describes as a “useful and playful juxtaposition” when combined with its rigid stainless steel frame, which takes inspiration from classic modernist designs.

Lounge chair by Faye Toogood for Hem with white base and brown leather covering
Quilt-like padding provides a stark contrast to the chair’s steel skeleton

“The idea behind the Puffy Seating collection is to emphasize the two almost contradictory ideas at play in furniture,” explained the founder of Studio Toogood.

“[The chair] combines the clinical lines of modernist furniture with a feeling of deep and satisfying comfort. The general feeling is to be wrapped in a plush, padded duvet. “

Almost all components of the Puffy lounge chair can be disassembled by hand except for the rivets, which can be removed using common tools.

Aerial view of two Puffy lounge chairs next to a staircase
The chair can be covered with leather or fabric

Built to last “decades”, the chair frame is made from 25% recycled steel and fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Zippers going down inside the cushions can be used to remove the quilt-like padding.

The upholstery, available in a cotton-linen or chrome-free leather blend, can then be simply recycled and replaced.

The Puffy Lounge Chair is the result of a two-year research and development process, undertaken by Toogood in collaboration with Hem’s own design team.

“I’ve always admired Faye’s work,” Hem founder Petrus Palmer said of the collaboration. “She borrows freely from a multitude of cultures and expressions but always appropriates it distinctly.

“Being able to work together has been one of my ambitions since the start of Hem,” he added.

Faye Toogood sitting in a Puffy lounge chair with beige linen upholstery
Toogood created the chair for the Swedish brand Hem

The Puffy Lounge Chair is the first product in Hem’s upcoming Puffy seating collection, which will feature a series of steel frame chairs and stools.

Hem has dabbled in the chubby design trend before with his Puffy Brick counter, made from balloons injected with jesmonite.

Other shortlisted pieces in this year’s Dezeen Awards seating design category include a 3D printed chair made from scraps from the manufacturers’ fab lab and a pair of armchairs from Note Design Studio that feature opposing but complementary designs. .

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