“Promoting the city’s rich culture and cuisine to make travelers’ experience authentic” | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh, which is number two for “ease of doing business” may also become number 1 for “ease of connecting with people,” said Vinod Pandey, general manager of the hotel Taj Mahal, Lucknow.
He was speaking at a session on “Can hospitality become a revenue mogul for UP?” At the “Conclave of destination Uttar Pradesh” organized by the group The Times on Monday.
Insisting that Lucknow is truly a transformed city, he said: “This year we have had more weddings than those held in 2019 despite Covid protocols and restricted entry to our hotel. I think what has worked for us as a hospitality industry are the three Rs: Restructure, Re-engineering and Re-imagining. Sarvesh Goel, founder of The Centrum, a lifestyle company, said that a traveler’s experience of the city of the nawab can be made more authentic by offering local culture, products and cuisine.
“We are different in the sense that we boycotted foreign products and promoted native products. I think hospitality can certainly be a source of income as long as we reinvent ourselves, because the experience of a traveler is very important, ”Goel said.
He explained how the use of modern products, including heritage items, has led to a point of out-of-the-box rejuvenation for the people of Lucknow, UP and India. “We have relaunched two Chinhat pottery factories by giving work to 22 artisans. A traveler needs to be offered something different because they carry memories and culture with them, ”he said.
Culinary expert Pankaj Bhadoria said it is a huge responsibility of the hospitality industry to ensure that local cuisines make a traveler’s experience a memorable one.
“When we talk about local cuisine, it’s all about kebabs and biryanis. There is a lot of local vegetarian cuisine like ghugni matar, saag mixed with daal or nimona which needs to be promoted as 70% of travelers are vegetarians. We never popularize Bundelkhandi or Braj ka khaana food. If we do, we will definitely make the experience better for those who come here.

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