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In honor of this sacred experience and of all of you who know me and are part of this global vision, I, are associated with SpaceWatch.Global to animate an exciting Space Café series: Vox Populi from Moriba (Latin for “voice of the people”) where I intend to choose topics relevant to the safety, security and sustainability of the space and have a “cold in a lounge chair” type conversation of an hour between people.

Our seventh session will focus on:

Threats or dangers to space? Can cultural differences explain the behavior (s) of space actors?

  • Threats require the simultaneous existence of opportunity, capacity and intent to harm. Physical sensors can help us measure and know opportunity and capacity. But not the intention. How to deduce the intention?
  • Because intent is ambiguous, what results occur when we assume malicious intent?
  • Can cultural differences between space actors explain what might otherwise be interpreted as harmful behavior?
  • Can we develop practices and protocols to appease malicious behavior and mitigate space escalation behavior?

It will be live… that will keep it real. I’m not scripted and I don’t lure people into traps or anything like that. I just want open, organic, real dialogue that connects with humanity!

This session will allow for a frank discussion on this topic and raise awareness around the world on this issue. I’m all about having an inclusive dialogue!

This is what we will explore together in our next Space Café session: Moriba’s Vox Populi. Please join us for a frank and inclusive conversation.

My guests are:

Moriba’s Vox Populi will be a disruptor in today’s ocean of webcasting, I can promise you! I am really excited! After all, I am a SpaceWatcher!

You, the audience, have a role to play in shaping the conversations we have, adding to our voices; as such, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during our session.

SpaceWatch.Global is a Swiss-based magazine and digital portal for those interested in space and the large-scale impact of the space sector.

This Café in the “Vox Populi de Moriba” space will take place in English October 14, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. CEST / 10:00 a.m. EDT.

Reserve your spot today.

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