Retrospective planning permission temporarily granted for the eternal food and catering space

Retrospective planning permission has been granted temporarily for an outdoor dining and drinking area for a town center restaurant, along with a proposed terrace and awning.

Sotto, which opened in April 2018, applied for retrospective planning permission for the outdoor dining area and terrace they created in May 2021 when Covid restrictions were lifted. The terrace is located on a grassed area at the front of their Wareham Street restaurant, resulting in the loss of two parking spaces.

The planning officer felt that the scheme resulted in a relatively small loss of green space in the town centre, which is contrary to the planning policies adopted, approval of the development could lead to more adverse impacts on the amenity space opened downtown over time and would not give rise to an alternative supply of sports or recreation.

However, they decided to approve the retrospective application on a temporary basis stating “It is understood that the applicants needed the proposed development so that they could and could continue to operate their business throughout the recent coronavirus pandemic. COVID 19. The officer also stated that the applicant would accept a condition for a 3 year temporary authorization.

“While the proposed development is considered to be contrary to the policies of the adopted local plan and the justification for permanent permission is very limited, it is considered that temporary permission may be warranted in this case in order to assist in security the financial future of the restaurant after the difficulties encountered during the pandemic, helping the company to adapt after the confinements.

“The works would allow additional trade on a temporary basis after the restrictions are lifted. Temporary authorization would therefore be appropriate, to give the applicant additional time to consider their options for the future of the business. It is therefore recommended that the authorization be granted for a temporary period of 18 months.”

Sotto started a petition to help them get retrospective planning permission for their outdoor dining and drinking area, which received 1,550 signatures.

Upon hearing the news of their successful bid, Henry Sheard posted “Sotto Garden will be reopening with menus, events and more with some amazing new additions that we can’t wait to show you. .

“We look forward to seeing you all and we’re so excited for the future at Sotto! See you very soon and thanks again to the amazing Cheshire community.”

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