Rihanna looks fiery in a purple lace thong for new Savage x Fenty campaign

Rihanna Once said, “I might be bad, but I’m completely good at it.” And never the last billionaire members The club could not answer.

Instead of confirming the swirling rumors of the possibility of involvement in A $ AP Rocky, Liana instead decided to pose for a spicy pic featuring new lingerie from Savage X Fenty, one of her many commercial ventures and now contains perfume.

In the picture, Liana is lying on a leather lounge chair. She is wearing a purple and neon pink lace bra and thong. The bra strap has a light pink satin ribbon with a ribbon, and the thong also has a ribbon. But without a cheeky touch, this wouldn’t be a Savage X Fenty set. The breed subtly spells the word “biteme”.

The heat doesn’t stop there. The Lighting Ribbon collection contains other items not shown in the photo. There is a crotchless version of the underwear, a pink ribbon harness, a blue pantyhose with a little pink bow, and a full pink leg harness.

The Writing Ribbon Extra VIP Box is available at the following URL: Savage X Fenty now. When you wear it you obviously won’t look exactly like Liana, and it sure won’t make you a millionaire, but you will be just as bad .. And that’s absolutely fine!

Later this month, you can catch Rihanna (and more bad models) in more lingerie Savage X Fenty Vol. 3 shows, Will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime on September 24. Last year’s show was a huge victory for physical diversity and inclusion. CharmChristopher Rosa I wrote in an article on the series, “Her Savage X Fenty Vol. Two shows aired on Prime Video on October 2, 2020, but the diversity of the male body was a big surprise. The trailer alone got me excited. All sizes. Women and men are not only here, but also prosperous. “

Rihanna looks fiery in a purple lace thong for Savage x Fenty’s new campaign

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