Scouts on the verge of bankruptcy strike deal with largest group of victims

The Boy Scouts of America are on the verge of reaching a settlement with lawyers for victims of sexual abuse, marking a major milestone in the youth group’s efforts to end the largest bankruptcy case on record for child abuse, people familiar with the matter said.

The Boy Scouts are set to agree on a victim compensation framework with a coalition of victim law firms that represent the bulk of the 84,000 men who have filed sexual abuse complaints in the United States. screening programs, people familiar with the matter said. Details are still being worked out and there is no guarantee that a final settlement will materialize, they said.

A deal with the coalition of law firms would mark a breakthrough for the Boy Scouts after an expensive 16 months under legal protection. Any proposed settlement will still be subject to a vote of the survivors and requires the approval of the bankruptcy court to take effect.

The Boy Scouts said on Friday that a new bankruptcy plan “incorporates a number of updates following constructive mediation, which we believe will garner significant support for confirmation.”

The youth group said it “hopes this plan, or a plan very similar to it, will have the support of a qualified majority of survivors.”

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