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Last Saturday my husband came out of his man cave and said, “I think it’s broken.”

Now normally when something in the house is broken my husband searches for the nearest escape route, hoping the dog needs to get out or some other excuse not to fix something right away.

But this time it was different.

Her beloved old camouflage-colored recliner has made its last recline.

Faithful readers will recall that I gave my husband the chair for Christmas 2008. Since that time, it has been his favorite place to take a nap.

After careful inspection, we figured the chair would last about as long as a well-used recliner would last.

It was beyond repair.

My husband is in mourning.

“I loved this chair,” he said. “Darwin (our 15 year old one-eyed Jack Russell terrier) also loved this chair. “

So guess what Hubby did with it?

To my dismay, he took the chair to the porch.

“Are you going to leave him there?” ” I asked.

“Maybe,” he said.

I had to admit that it gives our house a certain “mountain feel”.

As of this writing, Hubby had yet to decorate the front porch with Christmas lights, but I’m sure the chair will add a touch of Christmas greenery to our Christmas home decor.

While I’m still waiting and waiting for the day when I have new living room furniture, my husband didn’t wait long to get a new recliner.

I knew he was up to something when I saw him scroll on his phone.

“See! Someone in Geneva has two recliners for sale for $ 100,” he said.

I asked, “Where did you see this? “

“On Facebook,” he said with a smile.


“Why do we need two recliners? ” I said.

“We’re not doing it, but it’s a deal,” he said.

Double sigh.

Next thing you know, I’m in the truck going to Geneva with my husband.

I stayed in the truck while my husband negotiated with the seller.

Sure enough, two men helped Hubby lift two recliners out of the back of the truck.

I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like (sarcasm).

Once home, Hubby unveiled their new recliners – two recliners in relatively good condition covered in a floral pattern. While the recliners scream 1970s, I had to admit they were in pretty good shape – good enough for Hubby’s Man Cave, anyway.

And, more importantly, Hubby is happy.

Shelley Terry’s favorite perch is one end of the well-worn sofa, which also tilts. She shares the place with her faithful border collie, Britney.

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