Soup dumplings, fine dining in Edmonds and 34 more new Seattle area restaurant openings

Your New Years resolution to lose weight over the holidays will be put to the test with our latest call for new restaurants. Famous French Seattle chef Thierry Rautureau is opening a new bistro in the South End, while a rising bakery star is opening in the North End. And the Eastside is home to another wave of stellar Chinese restaurants.

East Coast

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Dick’s Drive go back to the Eastside. The iconic burger chain has opened its eighth location at Crossroads Bellevue, its largest restaurant to date with over 5,000 square feet and three kitchens, including a catering and food truck commissary.

Chinese restaurants are popping up around malls seemingly every week now. (We’re not complaining.) One of the most popular in the local Chinese community is Chinese cuisine from the Hakka house in front of the Uwajimaya in Bellevue. It offers an eclectic menu with dim sum, Taiwanese beef noodles and Chinese-Hawaiian-style “cake” noodles, as well as plenty of hakka dishes, from clay-pot meatballs to its pork-stuffed tofu, served in a sizzling pan.

Tofu Cho Dang, which specializes in sundubu or steamed soft tofu stew, is expanding with a fourth branch in the Evergreen Village shopping center.

And four new tables have appeared in the Bellevue Square district:

Madame Yum opens its fifth branch and offers an Instagram-friendly range of 20 different colorful macarons, with flavors ranging from raspberry chardonnay to salted caramel. There is also champagne to sip. The branch is on the second floor near Great State Burger. (Lady Yum will reopen her Pioneer Square location this spring.)

On the second floor next to Na Hoku and the Kraken store is the New York City clothing franchise. Lady M pop up until February 28. You can discover his signature thousand pancakes – 20 layers of pancakes alternating with cream, as well as French-Japanese fusion pastries.

Located on the first floor near Mecca and Made in Washington, Chamei Matcha specializes in Japanese green tea desserts and drinks such as the popular Oreo matcha latte.

And What is the Pho in the Lincoln South Food Hall serves what a damp, chilly morning calls for: hot beef noodle soup and banh mis.


Another stellar Chinese restaurant, Fang Noodle House is tucked away in the Totem Square Mall, making excellent boiled Northern Chinese style dumplings, from its chunks of pork and shrimp with chives to its pork and fennel garnish. Also, hand drawn stellar noodles coated in hot pepper oil with pork belly grains.

Speaking of dumplings, Paste area opens its eighth branch in the Kirkland urban complex. Besides its popular xiao long bao, Dough Zone has many followers among Asian millennials who swear by its fried buns or Q-Bao. The local chain will expand south to Portland this spring and that suggests it has not finished expanding around Greater Seattle. Stay tuned.

the Cloud-based food court by the Kirkland Marina welcomes four new tenants: Shawarma stop, Mamamia Chicken, Pizza Fritza and Dolce Vita Desserts. It is open Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Another newcomer who is catching the interest of Kirkland residents is Yeon Chicken, which makes trendy Korean fried chicken which is affectionately known to cool kids as “KFC”.

And Evergreen mix opens cafe near EvergreenHealth and Totem Lake Transit Center.


Get a free hot chocolate drink during your visit Fortunato chocolate n ° 4, which sells chocolate bars certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as well as fudge, mini chocolate cakes and macaroons.

Half a mile east of Costco is Naan Twist And so on Twisted Pizza, both under one roof. Indian fusion pizza is all the rage now, so we recently sampled 30 Indian pizzas and picked our four favorites here.


In Kenmore, Asian fusion Buddha Bruddah offers plenty on a family meal for four: 1 1/2 pound of Huli Huli grilled chicken, 1 pound of kalua pork, spring rolls and rice sides, macaroni salad, and coleslaw for $ 50.

North end


One of the North End’s most sought-after reserves, coal The fine dining restaurant in downtown Edmonds specializes in grilled meats and seafood. Charcoal serves a 12-ounce medium New York strip ($ 48) and a 24-ounce bone-in ribeye ( $ 98), but locals will be happy to hear that the restaurant will add affordable cuts such as a hanging steak in the future. Check out this first look at Charcoal, who made our list of new restaurants we’re excited about in 2022.

Niles Peacock Kitchen and Bar opens near the Edmonds waterfront with a pizzeria that features a heated patio seating 30 and a New York style pizza menu.


Talented baker Conor O’Neill, who wowed fans with the natural sourdough bread he sold at a production facility in Edmonds, opens The Cottage Bakery in Lynnwood. Now there are plenty of toasted nut and honey oatmeal sourdough breads for everyone. In addition, there are around 10 different baked goods on offer, from chocolate and rye cookies to its popular cardamom bread (a version of a cinnamon bread).

The bulgogi burrito at Chops could be the most talked about lunch in the North End. This Korean-Mexican cafe expanded to H Mart Plaza in Lynnwood after its location in Everett became popular. Learn more about this Korean burrito chain from my colleague Jackie Varriano on his food hopping expedition near the Boeing campus.

Two miles west of Chops is Oakland Sweet dessert with honey, with mango waffles and other Hong Kong sweets.

And the Alderwood Mall has marked two new tenants: The National Chain Crumbled cookies and the Seattle chain Elementary Pizza.

south end

The Roll Pod, which has a legion of fans for its chicken masala roti roll, is opening a second restaurant in White Center. The Roll Pod, which also has a restaurant in Bellevue, has a large fan base thanks to its two food trucks that crisscross the region.

In Burien, Royal Cupcake expands with a fifth branch near Town Square Park.

Seattle may have said goodbye to the two French bistros founded by beloved Thierry Rautureau, but the “chef in the hat” hasn’t quite hung up his hat yet. Take a flight? Discover his pancakes and sandwiches in a hurry at LouLou market and bar located in Lobby B at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Renton, the Mecca of pho and banh mis, welcomes Vietnamese cuisine and grills.

Four miles north lies Snowy River Dessert Cafe, the famous Korean dessert chain that serves bingsoo ice cream and other Asian sweets.

# 1 Hawaiian BBQ opens in the Lake Meridian market in Kent.

Poke to the Max by Sam Choy in Tukwila also offers Hawaiian cuisine, including loco moco, spam musubi, and its signature garlic chicken.

West Washington’s most popular taco birria, Birrieria Tijuana opens fourth branch in Federal Way. (A fifth will soon arrive in Port Orchard). Read our review of these scarlet tacos stuffed with gooey cheese and beef jus.

Not just bubble tea and Asian desserts, Cafe Onit at Federal Way serves those egg and ham sandwiches that are so stacked up I’m not sure a mouth can wrap around those puffy sammies.

And about a mile west is Nori Sushi, which also offers bowls of udon and ramen.

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